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Public Notice of Violation

Membership in the Academy of Management requires that members uphold the principles of the AOM Code of Ethics and to adhere to its ethical standards and the accompanying policies and procedures.  Members are advised of this obligation upon joining the Academy of Management.  Violations of the ethical standards may lead to the imposition of sanctions, including public notice of violations. These ethical standards can also apply to non-members when participating in AOM sponsored activities. This is a public notice of a violation by Professor Andreas Hinterhuber.

As a result of a division’s review process for submissions to the 2015 Academy of Management’s Annual Meeting, a complaint of a violation of the Academy’s Ethical Code of Conduct was made against Professor Andreas Hinterhuber.  The complaint was filed with AOM's Ethics Adjudication Committee (EAC) alleging that Professor Hinterhuber had submitted a previously published paper for consideration at the upcoming Annual Meeting. Specifically, the complaint alleged violation of the following ethical standards:

3.1  AOM members do not make public statements, of any kind, that are false, deceptive, misleading or fraudulent either because of what they state, convey or suggest  or because of what they omit, including, but not limited to, false or deceptive statements concerning other AOM members.  AOM members explicitly identify, credit, and reference the author of any data or material taken verbatim from written work, whether that work is published, unpublished, or electronically available.  AOM members explicitly cite others' work and ideas, including their own, even if the work or ideas are not quoted verbatim or paraphrase. The standard applies whether the previous work is published, unpublished or electronically available.

Upon a thorough review of the provided evidence, the EAC determined that Professor Hinterhuber had violated the Ethical Standards listed above and notified him that it would impose specific sanctions. Professor Hinterhuber appealed the EAC decision to the Ethical Appeals Committee. After its review, the Ethical Appeals Committee modified the sanctions. The final sanctions include disqualification from participation in Academy of Management activities (including but not limited to submission to the conference, participation on the conference program, serving the Academy or any of its Divisions or Interest Groups in an elected or appointed role, or submission to any of the Academy of Management journals) for a period of three (3) years, public notice of the violation through publication in the AcadeMY News; formal notification to the journal where the work was previously published, and ethics counseling by the Ombuds Committee. 

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