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The Academy of Management relies on our dedicated volunteers to keep things running smoothly, especially onsite at the Annual Meeting Career Center. Find ways you can help with our team or tell us about your talents by contacting them directly at AOM Career Services Team.

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Jason DeBode
Volunteering with the Career Center at the Annual Meeting has been a great experience -- especially the year I was on the market. As a volunteer, I was able to meet most of my interviewers before anyone else. I was a familiar face when it was time for my interview and because we had already met, I was less anxious and the conversation ran smoothly during the interview. I also talked to several of the interviewers throughout the weekend, which gave me additional opportunities to interact with the people who might be offering me a job -- an opportunity I wouldn’t have had if not for the Career Center.

-- Jason DeBode, PhD, Interim Department Head, Missouri State University

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