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Management History (MH) Division Awards

Although the Management History Division is one of the smaller Divisions within the Academy, it has a large number of highly prestigious awards. Of the awards given annually for best paper submissions, the most prestigious is the John F Mee Award. This award commemorates the contributor of Professor John F Mee, a long-time management scholar at Indiana University and the 7th President of the Academy. A feature of Mee's career was his active involvement outside the halls of academy. During World War II, Mee served as a Colonel in the United States Air Force. With the termination of hostilities, Mee served in the Truman administration.

In 2014 at Philadelphia, the John F Mee Award prestigious award was won by Renee Rottner and Roger Dunbar (both from the Stern School of Businss, New York University) for a paper entitled The Power of Babel: Thinking Through Academic Management's Institutionalized Conversation. This paper explored the historical influences on management education by tracing trends at American colleges since colonial times as well as those in German universities since the mid-1880s. In commenting on their award, Renee and Roger observed: "As newcomers to the Management History division, we appreciated the collegiality and intellectual curiosity of the paper sessions and the business meeting.  Knowledge is historically-situated and Management History provides a home for discussing how this matters to our profession."

2014 John F. Mee Award for Outstanding Management History Contribution
John F Mee Awards
Authors: Renee Rottner (New York University) and Roger Dunbar (New York University)
Title: The Power of Babel: Thinking Through Academic Management's Institutionalized Conversation.
(left to right): Renee Rottner, Stephanie Henagan, Management History Program Chair (Louisiana State University), Roger Dunbar

In addition to numerous awards for best paper submissions, the Management History Division also awards two awards - when the circumstances - for career achievements. The first of these is the Ronald G Greenwood Award, an award granted to mark the contribution of an author whose many works traced the development of management thought. Since first awarded in 1997, only six individuals have received the Ronald G Greenwood award, the last being the 2013 recipient, Professor Peter Petersen.

Awarded with even less frequency than the Ronald G Greenwood Award, the Richard M Hodgetts Award commemorates the life-time achievements of a long-time management scholar from Florida International University. It is only granted in exceptional circumstances, when the Management History Division's Executive believes that a scholar in management history or a related field has made an outstanding career contribution in not only research but also teaching and service. Since its inception, this award has been granted on only two occasions. In 2007, it went to Art Bedeian of Louisiana State University. In 2014, at Phildelphia, it went to Robert Ford. Bob Ford is, like Pete Petersen, a stalwart of not only the Management History Division but also of the Academy more generally.

Richard M Hodgetts Award for Outstanding Career Contribution in Research, Teaching and in Service to the Academy
Bob Ford for Outstanding Career
Recipient: Bob Ford (University of Central Florida)
(left to right): Bob Ford and Milorad Novicevic, Management History Division Chair (University of Mississippi)

In addition to the above awards, the Management History Division also granted the following awards:

  • Centre for Ethical Business Cultures Halloran Award (Best Paper in Business Ethics): Richard Marens, "The Price of Autonomy: the Chandlerian Firm and the Changing face of Explicit CSR"
  • Journal of Management History Best International Paper: Jon Thornberry, Yusuf Sidani & Marina Apaydin, "Role of Informal Networks in Mitigating the Liability of Outsidership: Case of the Iranian Bazaar"
  • Sage Publishers Award for Best Management History Division Paper in Leadership: Linda Perriton,  "Management as Fantasy: The Managerial Work of Catherine Cappe & Faith Gray, 1782-1820"

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