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Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Division Awards

Below are the 2014 AOM-ONE Division Award winners. For more information on this year's winners, as well as past winners, click here.

2014 Best Dissertation Award
Best Dissertation Award
Author: Amanda Moss Cowan (University of Oxford)
Title: A Sensemaking Perspective on Competing Institutional Logic
(left to right): Sara Soderstrom, Dissertation Award Committee (University of Michigan), Amanda Moss Cowan

2014 Emerging Scholar Award
Emerging Scholar Award
Recipient: Jeffrey York (University of Colorado-Boulder)
(left to right): Judith Walls, Awards Chair (Nanyang Technological University), Jeffrey York, Paula Parish (Cambridge University Press)

2014 NBS Research Impact on Practice Award
NBS Research Impact on Practice Award
Authors: Lamar Pierce (Washington University) and Michael Toffel (Harvard University)
Title: The Role of Organizational Scope and Governance in Strengthening Private Monitoring
(left to right): Judith Walls, Michael Toffel, Stephanie Bertels (Network For Business Sustainability)

2014 Distinguished Scholar Award
Distinguished Scholar Award
Recipient: Stuart Hart (University of Vermont)
(left to right): Judith Walls, Sanjay Sharma (University of Vermont), accepting on behalf of Stuart Hart, Rebecca Macklin (Greenleaf Publishing)

2014 Best Paper Award (Two Winners)
Best Paper Shon Hiatt Best Paper Horacio
Top Photo
Authors: Shon Hiatt (University of Southern California) and Jake Grandy (University of Southern California)
Paper: Institutional Uncertainty as Public Politics: Climate Change Hearings and New Technology Development
(left to right): Jake Grandy, Shon Hiatt, Jonathan Doh, Program Chair (Villanova University), Luis Perez-Batres (Central Michigan University)
Bottom Photo
Authors: Horacio Rousseau (University of Navarra), Pascual Berrone (University of Navarra) and Judith Walls
Paper: Let's Talk: Examining Dialogue Among Firms and Outside Actors on Social and Environmental Issues
(left to right): Pascual Berrone, Judith Walls, Jonathan Doh

2014 Best Book Award
ONE Best Book Award
Authors: Ann Huffman (Northern Arizona University) and Stephanie Klein
Title: Green Organizations: Driving Change Within I/O Psychology
(left to right): Todd Moss (Syracuse University-Sponsor), Ann Huffman, David Vogel, Book Award Committee (University of California)

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