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F) What kinds of papers will AMD publish?

Question: F) What kind of papers will AMD publish?


We are frequently asked to provide examples of the kinds of papers AMD will publish. Because AMD has not yet published any papers, we reviewed other journals, and found the following exemplars of the variety of topics, methods, and data fitting AMD's mission.

Kaplan, S. & Orlikowski, W.J. 2013, Temporal work in strategy making, Organization Science, 24, 4: 965-995.


  • An example of a phenomenon driven study of strategy making at organization level using qualitative case study.


Heilman, M.E., Wallen, A.S., Fuchs, D. & Tamkins, M.M., 2004. Penalties for success: Reactions to women who succeed at male gender-typed tasks, Journal of Applied Psychology, 89, 3: 416-427.

  • An example of a phenomenon-driven study of gender issues at individual level using three experiments.


Hinds, P.J. & Mortensen, M. 2005. Understanding conflict in geographically distributed teams: The moderating effects of shared identity, shared context, and spontaneous communication. Organization Science, 16, 3: 290-307.

  • An example of phenomenon-driven research of team conflict at group level using field study of 43 teams.


Makino, S., Isobe, R. & Chan, C.M. 2004. Does country matter? Strategic Management Journal, 25: 1027-1043.

  • An example of a replication study at multinational firm level analyzing secondary data.


Bono, J.E. & Judge, J.A. 2004. Personality and transformation and transactional leadership: A meta-analysis. Journal of Appplied Psychology, 89, 5: 901-910.

  • An example of a meta-analysis of 26 studies on individual personality and leadership.


Siggelkow, N. & Rivkin, J.W. 2005. Speed and search: Designing organizations for turbulence and complexity, Organization Science, 16, 2: 101-122.

  • An example of an empirically-based simulation study of organization environment and design.


Law, K.S., Wond, C-S, & Song, L.J. 2004. The construct and criterion validity of emotional intelligence and its potential utility for management studies, Journal of Applied Psychology, 89, 3: 483-496.

  • An example of a construct validity study of individual emotional intelligence using student and work samples.


Vincent, Lynnne C, Emich, Kyle J. and Goncalo, Jack A. 2013. Stretching the Moral Gray Zone: Positive Affect, Moral Disengagement, and Dishonesty. Psychological Science, 24 (4): 595-599

  • An example of a phenomenon-driven study of the links between affect, moral disengagement and dishonesty at the individual level using two laboratory experiments.


Mueller, Jennifer S., Melwani, Shimul, and Goncalo, Jack A. 2012. The Bias Against Creativity: Why People Desire but Reject Creative Ideas. Psychological Science, 23 (1): 13-17.

  • An example of a lab-based study exploring the tendency of individuals to reject creative ideas under conditions of heightened uncertainty.


We will post additional examples of desired papers as they become available.  Thank you for your interest in AMD!


The AMD Editorial Team!


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