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Call for Proposals: AOM Webinars/Virtual Conferences

The Academy of Management aims to develop high-quality video-based meetings that are interactive, relevant and accessible to the Academy’s research and teaching communities worldwide.  To kick off the AOM Small Conferences Initiative, we are seeking members of our professional community who are willing to co-create new webinars and virtual meeting opportunities. As part of this initial exploration, we are seeking ideas for broad themes with cross-disciplinary appeal and unique content that is suitable for online delivery and interactivity.   Some potential examples include “academic job market tips” "virtual classroom engagement" and “qualitative research approaches.”

Web-based meetings will be hosted by the Academy of Management and delivered through a formal webinar development platform. Training and support for the development of these interactive online events will be available for content leaders and meeting organizers. Previous experience leading web-based meetings is not a requirement. 

Members are invited to express their vision for a Virtual, Web-Based, Academy of Management event. AOM welcomes ideas for innovative, interesting and engaging content ideas from across our Divisions, Interest Groups, Committees, and other leadership communities within the Academy.

Brief, one-page proposals can be submitted to the AOM Specialized Conferences Committee through April 10, 2017.  Brief proposals should reflect:

·         Core concept, unique content, theme/topic

·         Intended goals and outcomes

·         Sponsoring AOM Division(s), Interest Group(s), Committee(s), Network(s)

·         Champions (leadership, organizers, presenters)

·         Intended Audience (who the event will appeal to and why)

The AOM Specialized Conferences Committee is currently reviewing proposals for development in 2017 and 2018. Champions of selected proposals will be asked to develop a more complete plan for the webinar.

If you would like to discuss an idea for a webinar, feel free to contact the Specialized Conferences Committee.


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