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Professional Development Workshop Submission Finalization Checklist

Submission Process

Before your proposal can be finalized, you will be asked to acknowledge all of the following requirements:

  • The uploaded document complies with all the submission guidelines, style formatting, policies and rules.
  • The proposal is being submitted to the correct Division(s), Interest Group(s), or Committee(s)
  • All of the participants are correctly associated with this PDW submission, including the submitter, if applicable.
  • This entire proposal is at least 4 pages and is contained in one single document, in the following order:
    1. Page 1: Title page which contains:
      1. the Academy submission system-assigned 5 digit submission number
      2. title of the workshop (in Title Case)
      3. name of primary sponsor, and a list of other sponsors who might be interested in the workshop
      4. up to 250-word abstract of the workshop
    2. Page 2: One page explanation as to why the workshop should be of interest to a the specified sponsor
    3. Page 3:  One  page description of the workshops format
    4. Page(s) 4-6: 1 to 3 page overview of the workshop
  • The final converted PDF was reviewed on the submission site and is the correct version of the submission.
  • As the submitter, I certify that at least one participant has stated that s/he agrees to participate in this workshop if it is accepted.
  • I understand that if this submission is accepted, all listed participants who wish to take part in the session at the meeting must register for the meeting. If none of the listed participants register for the meeting then the session may be cancelled.
  • I understand that the scheduling and audio visual requests are requests only. If my proposal is accepted, the PDW Chair will let me know whether my requests are approved.
  • I understand that this submission will not be checked in, if:
  • It fails to be 100% compliant with all submission guidelines including the style formatting requirements.
  •  I fail to finalize the proposal by the deadline of January 14, 2020 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time).
  • This PDW proposal is now complete (follows ALL Academy AND Division/Interest Group specific instructions and requirements) and is now ready for review.

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