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2016 Committee Awards


To celebrate outstanding academic contributions to the Academy's focus on internationalization, the International Theme Committee (ITC) annually awards academics whose work serves this objective. In 2016, at Anaheim, the ITC presented the following awards:
Carolyn Dexter (Best International Paper) Award (submitted by the CMS Division)
"Field-Level Legitimization of Corporate Tax Minimization"
Mattia Anesa
Univesity of Queensland
Nicole Gillespie
Univesity of Queensland
A. Paul Spee
Univesity of Queensland
Kerrie Sadiq
Queensland University of Technology 
Dexter Winner    
Pictured: Mattia Anesa (University of Queensland) accepts award from award committee chair Marcela Miozzo
Emerald Best International Symposium Award
"Making Nonprofit Organizations More Meaningful: What Can We Learn From Global Philanthropy?"
Organzied by:    
Pamala Wiepking, Moderator
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Femida Handy, Chair
University of Pennsylvania
Lonneke Roza, Discussant
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Emerald Best International Dissertation Award
"Strategic Allocation of Human Capital: Executive Appointments in Multinational Bank Subsidiaries"
Marketa Sonkova
Questrom School of Business, Boston University
ITC Dissertation Award    


To celebrate outstanding academic contributions to the practice of management, the Practice Theme Committee (PTC) regularly awards academics and research centres whose work has had significant external impact. In 2016, at Anaheim, the PTC presented the following awards:
Practice Impact Award
Professor Paula Jarzabkowski
Cass Business School,City University London
Research Center Impact Award
David Berg Centre for Ethics and Leadership
University of Pittsburgh
Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration
represented by Associate Dean and Centre Director Professor Audrey J. Murrell (College of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh)
PTC Leadership Awards for outstanding service to the Practice Theme Committee
Professor Tyrone Pitsis
Leeds University Business School
Professor Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
Alliant International University
Professor Kuo Frank Yu
UC Berkeley Centre for Catastrophic Risk Management
PTC Pic 1 PTC pic 2 PTC pic 3
Pictured from left to right – Audrey Murrell (2016 award recipient), Kathryn Goldman Schuyler (former co-chair, PTC), and Paula Jarzabkowski (2016 award recipient) Pictured from left to right – Marc Bonnet (co-chair, PTC), Melanie Cohen (PDW co-chair, PTC), Usha Haley (co-chair, PTC), Tyrone Pitsis (2016 award recipient) and Kathryn Goldman Schuyler (former co-chair, PTC) Pictured from left to right – Cynthia Cherrey (President & CEO, International Leadership Association), Kathryn Goldman Schuyler (2016 award recipient), and Christof Backhaus (PDW co-chair, PTC)

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