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2016 Division and Interest Group Awards


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Irwin Outstanding Educator Award
Gautam Ahuja
University of Michigan
Wiley Blackwell BPS Outstanding Dissertation Award
"Gaining Competitive Advantage from Human Capital"
Ulya Tsolmon
Washington University in St. Louis
Bill Glueck Best Paper Award
"Competition and the Redistribution of Resources in the Multi-Business Firm "
Raffaele Morandi Stagni
Instituto de Empresa Business School
Juan Santalo
Instituto de Empresa Business School
Sumantra Ghoshal Research-to-Practice Award
"Corporate Venture Capital and Inter-Firm Rivalry: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective "
Tianxu Chen
Oakland University
Jianhong Chen
University of New Hampshire
Robert J. Litschert Award for the Best Paper by a Doctoral Student
"Organizational Decision-Making and Information: Angel Investments by Venture Capital Partners"
Andy Wu
University of Pennsylvania
Terence R. Mitchell
University of Washington
Dong Liu
Georgia Institute of Technology


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Everett Cherrington Hughes Award for Careers Scholarship: recognizes scholarship which has made a significant contribution to the task of linking careers theory with the broader field of organization studies.
Denise Rousseau
Carnegie Mellon University
Arnon Reichers Best Student Paper Award: the best student paper or a paper from a dissertation within 3 years of degree, preferably single-authored.
"Boundaryless Careers: The Undestined Solution to the Gender Salary Gap Closure "
Igor Bartolec
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Myriam N. Bechtoldt
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Erich W. Barthel
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Michael Driver Best Applied Paper Award: the applied paper with the best overall rigor and likely contribution to careers research and practice.
Raymond Loi
University of Macau
Angela J. Xu
University of Macau
Cheris W. C. Chow
University of Macau
Man Lung Jonathan Kwok
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Best International Paper Award: the paper with the best overall rigor and contribution to research and practice regarding careers played out within an international/cross-cultural context.
"Digital Work: New Opportunities or Lost Wages"
Michael Dunn
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Best Overall Paper Award: the paper with the best overall rigor and likely contribution to careers theory, research, and/or practice.
"The Downside of Aiming High: The Relationship between Career Aspirations Difficulty and Depression"
Thomas Shardlow
Brigham Young University
Peter M. Madsen
Brigham Young University
Best Symposium Award
"Not My Breach! Innovative Ways to Study Psychological Contract Breach and Effects on Meaningfulness"
Jos Akkermans
University of Amsterdam
Stefan T. Mol
University of Amsterdam
Matthijs Bal
University of Bath


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 2016 Best Empirical or Theoretical Paper Award
"High SDO Individuals Display Moral Concern for Harm to High Status (but not Low Status) Targets"
Brian Lucas Nour Kteily  
Sponsored by Melbourne Business School  
2016 Best Student Paper Award  
"Shaking Hands while Trading Punches: Exploring the Paradox of Rival Cooperation"
Jeffrey P. Thomas    
Sponsored by Melbourne Business School  
2016 Best New Directions Paper Award
"The Big Bluff Theory: A Reconceptualization of Business Bluffing"
Lutz Kaufmann Jörg Ralf Rottenburger  
Sponsored by the International Association of Conflict Management & Negotiation and Conflict Management Research
2016 Best Conflict-in-Context Paper Award
"Make or Break Alliances: A Process Model of Faultline Contagion and Alliance Instability"
Martijn van der Kamp Brian Tjemkes  
Sponsored by Emerald Publishing & the International Journal of Conflict Management
2016 Most Influential Article Award
"The Critical Role of Conflict Resolution in Teams: A Close Look at the Links Between Conflict Type, Conflict Management Strategies, and Team Outcomes". Journal of Applied Psychology (2008), 93, 170-188.
Kristin J. Behfar Randall S. Peterson  
Elizabeth A. Mannix William M.K. Trochim  
Sponsored by Dispute Resolution Research Center, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Pictures of awardees and other fun things coming soon on the CM website.



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Award winner information and pictures can be found on the CMS website.


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Greif Research Impact Award    
"Innovation Search of New Ventures in a Technology Cluster: The Role of Ties with Service Intermediaries" published in 2010 in Strategic Management Journal.
Yan Zhang
Rice University
Haiyang Li
University of Pittsburgh
Foundational Paper Award
"Strategic Management of Small Firms in Hostile and Benign Environments" published in 1989 in Strategic Management Journal.
Jeffrey G. Covin
Indiana University
Dennis P. Slevin
Rice University
Practice of Entrepreneurship Award    
"Impact of Founder Experience on Exit Intentions" published in 2012 in Small Business Economics.
Dawn R. DeTienne
Colorado State University
Melissa S. Cardon
Pace University
Best Empirical Paper Award    
"The Impact of Overconfidence on Excess Entry"
Cetric Guitierrez
HEC Paris
Thomas Astebro
HEC Paris
Best Conceptual Paper Award  
"The Motivational Readiness Model of Entrepreneurship"
Steffen Jahn
University of Goettingen
Mario Geissler
TU Chemnitz
Best Social Entrepreneurship Paper Award
"How and Why Does the Social Network of Social Entrepreneurs in Low-income Contexts Influence Performance?"
Christian Busch
London School of Economics
Harry G. Barkema
London School of Economics
Best Family Business Paper Award
"The Family Ties That Bind: How Emotion and Family System Dynamics Preserve Socioemotional Wealth"
David Scott Jiang
Georgia Southern University
Franz W. Kellermanns
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Timothy P. Munyon
University of Tennessee
Michael Lane Morris
University of Tennessee
Heizer Dissertation Award
"Antecedents and Performance Implications of New Ventures' Business Model Development Processes in the Mobile Health Industry"
Lien Denoo
Ghent University
Heizer Dissertation Award Certificate of Distinction
"Entrepreneurial Teams' Human Capital: From Its Formation to Its Impact on the Performance of Technological New Ventures"
Florence Elise Marie Honoré
University of Minnesota
NFIB Best Doctoral Dissertation
"Fear of Failure in Entrepreneurship: A Review, Reconceptualization and Operationalization"
Gabriella Cacciotti
University of Warwick
Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award
"Alternate Reality Teaching of Entrepreneurship"
Ethan Mollick
University of Pennsylvania
Mentor Award
Andrew Zacharakis
Babson College
Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award
Candida Brush
Babson College
William Gartner
California Lutheran University
Michael Frese
National University of Singapore & Leuphana University of Lueneburg


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HCM presented its annual awards during the division business meeting at AOM2016 in Anaheim. Complete information on the HCM Awards and past recipients is available on the HCM Website. Awards given in 2016 include:

Myron D. Fottler Exceptional Service Award
Robert Weech-Maldonado
University of Alabama at Birmingham
HCM Best Paper Award [sponsored by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)]
"Innovation in Professional Practice"
Jo-Louise Huq
University of Calgary
HCM Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Award [sponsored by Medical Care Research and Review]
"Organizational and Market-Level Predictors of Hospital-Based Skilled Nursing Facility Closures"
Shivani Gupta
Saint Louis University
HCM Best Theory to Practice Award [sponsored by Health Care Management Review]
"Meaningful or Meaningless? Physician Perspectives on Use of EHRs"
Cheryl Rathert
Virginia Commonwealth Unviersity
Tracy Porter
Cleveland State University
Michelle Fleig-Palmer
University of Nebraska - Kearney
HCM Best International Paper Award [sponsored by Emerald Group Publishing and the Journal of Health Organization and Management, and a nominee for AOM's Dexter Award]
"Does Price Competition Drive Cooperation in Health Care? A Stochastic Actor Oriented Model Analysis"
Daan Westra Federica Angeli  
Martin Carree Dirk Ruwaard  
Maastricht University  
Outstanding Reviewers
"Criteria: On-time; High quality; Thoughtful; Developmental; Author-rating"
Virginia Bodolica Nathan Carroll  
Naleef Fareed Larry R. Hearld  
Brian Hilligoss Olivia Jung  
Christopher J. Louis Laura McClelland  
Rocco Palumbo Emily Read  
Trish Reay Peter E. Rivard  
Sara J. Singer Daniel Walker  
Suzanne J. Wood    


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Each year the HR Division of the Academy of Management recognizes individuals who have made exemplary contributions to our field in research, teaching, and service. Below we highlight a few of these award winners. Congratulations to each of them as well as all of our award winners!
Herbert Heneman Jr. Career Achievement Award
Angelo S. DeNisi
Albert Harry Cohen Chair of Business Administration and Professor of Organizational BehaviorA.B. Freeman School of Business, Tulane University
HR DeNisi    
Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award
K. Michele (Micki) Kacmar
Fields Chair of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility and Professor of Management, McCoy College of Business, Texas State University
Scholarly Achievement Award
"Taking it to Another level: Do Personality-based Human Capital Resources Matter to Firm Performance?" Published in 2015, Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 100(2), 935-947
In-Sue Oh
Temple University
Seongsu Kim
Seoul National University
Chad H. Van Iddekinge
Florida State University
Please click here to learn more about the HR Division Awards and view all other award winners:


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At the Management Consulting division we have a number of awards that we each year, during the annual conference, have the pleasure of giving out to scholars and practitioners for their outstanding achievements. To us the awards are more than just plaques bearing names of the recipients and a handshake. It is the chance to recognize truely inspiring work from our peers and it is somethnig to strive for.  The field of Management Consulting is fascinating but it is also challenging as it can be difficult to obtain the data needed for high class research.  This is recognized in our awards.

Below is a short description of the awards and the recipeints. Both to acknowledge the efforts o the award winners and to encourage submissions that are eligbile to receive theses awards in the years to come.

Best Paper Award
This award is given for the papers on management consulting that live up to the criteria for excellent research papers. It is given for papers that combine rigor with sharp analysis and clear answers on research topics and questions that are very complex. This year we were very happy to give out no less than three awards in this category. All three papers show that  research is  novel and provide actionable new knowledge.
"Government Agencies' Hiring of Management Consulting Services in Sweden - An Explorative Study"
Frida Pemer
Stockholm School of Economics
Love Börjeson
Stanford  University
Andreas Werr
Stockholm School of Economics
"Aligning the Meaning of Lean: Boundary Spanning Agents in the Translation of Management Concepts"
Marlieke Grinsven
University of Amsterdam
Stefan Heusinkveld
University of Amsterdam
Jos Benders
KU Leuven
"The Virtual Future of Professional Service Firms"
Karl Joachim Breunig
Oslo Business School
Tale Skjolsvik
Oslo and Akershus University College
Outstanding Field Report Paper Award
Management Consulting happens in the field and thus one very good but also very challenging approach to studying it is through fieldwork. This discipline is demanding and rewarding if done correctly and can help shed light on practice as it unfolds. This years winners showed that when done right fieldwork can yield tremendous insights.
"Shivganga: Organizing Tribals in Jhabua, India for Sustainable Water Harvesting"
Jyoti Bachani
Saint Mary's College of California
Neelu Bhullar
Management Development Institute
Information Age Publishing Outstanding Doctoral Student Paper on Management Consulting
It is also a struggle to write a Ph.D. dissertation and often studetns question if it is worth the effort. We want to acknowledge the efforts and new approaches Ph.D. students offer. Therefore we, through the generous contribution of Information Age Publishing, recognise outstanding work done by Ph.D. students with this award.
"When the Client Strikes Back: Legitimacy Inversion in the Consulting Process"
Kasper Elmholdt
Aarhus University
Benedictine University Award Outstanding Paper on Ethical Issuesin Management Consulting
Ethics is an important, but sometimes overlooked issue in Management Consulting. Good consulting should always honour ethical codes.  We are grateful that Benedictine University  acknowledges this and offers the awards on ethical issues in consulting. This years award winners both identify and give answers to highly relevant questions concerning ethical issues in Management Consulting.
"Meaningfully Embracing Ethical Challenges in Coaching: A Systemic Approach to the EVL Model"
Jean Nizet
Catholic University of Louvain
Pauline Fatien Diochon
Menlo College
Benedictine University Award Outstanding Scholar-Practitioner Collaboration
The MC division highlights the scholar-practitioner relationship as a condition for working with and studying Management Consulting. This means that activities that bridges and combines the scholarly approach with practice is valuable. Also in this field the Benedictine University has an award to recognize the importance of such collaboration. This years winners have produced work that clearly shows the strength of scholar-practitioners collaboration.
"A Strategic Planning Intervention Employing Large Group Change: A Scholar/Practitioner Application"
Tanjia Coleman
Benedictine University
Peter Sorensen
Benedictine University
Therese F. Yaeger
Benedictine University
Gina Hinrichs
Benedictine University
Thomson South-Western Award Outstanding Research-Based Paper on Management Consulting

This award is generously sponsored by Thomson South-Western publishing and recognizes research-based papers in the field of Management Consulting of outstanding quality. The award is given to work that is not just new, insightful or rigorous but to work that embodies all of these qualities. This year's winners also received the award for Management Consulting Division Best Paper which makes it even more outstanding.

"Government Agencies' Hiring of Management Consulting Services in Sweden - An Explorative Study"
Frida Pemer
Stockholm School of Economics
Love Börjeson
Stanford University
Andreas Werr
Stockholm School of Economics
The two last awards differ from the rest in the sense that they are not given for one contribution but for a number of contributions –for a career in the studies of Management Consulting. Here we honour those whose work serve as an inspiration for the rest of us and who has so generously offered to share their rich experience with us. Clearly their names speaks for themselves.
The Distinguished Speaker Award which this year went to Tom Cummings who delivered a captivating speech on the development of Management Consulting from its early days to presents time. In recognition of your Contribution to Research & Practice.
Tom Cummings, Distinguised Speaker
University of Southern California
As our Members and Friends dinner speaker this year we had the pleasure of having Tony Buono sharing key insights from his career. He shared both practical insights for future studies and rich anecdotes from his working with and in the field of Management Consulting.
In recognition of your Contribution to Research & Practice in International Organizational Development.
Tony Buono, Members & Friends Dinner Speaker
Bentley University


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Please visit the MED Awards page for more information.


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The Management History Division - although one of the smaller Divisions in the Academy - is also one of the oldest. Management historians played a seminal role in the formation and the early development of the Academy. Among these was John F. Mee, who served as the Academy's 7th President in 1952. The long-time Head of Management Studies at the University of Indiana, Mee was an active contributor to the world around him, serving as a Colonel in the United States air-force in WWII and as a senior advisor to the Truman administration. In recognition of Mee's contribution to the Division, the MHD award for the top paper given at the Annual Meeting is the John F Mee Award for Outstanding Contribution. Rivalling this award, is the Journal of Management History Award for the Best International Paper in Management History with an International Theme; an award that is supported by Emerald, the publisher of the Journal of Management History. In 2016, as in most other years, the papers awarded both the John F Mee Award and the Journal of Management History award were published in the Academy's Best Paper Proceedings.
John F. Mee Award for Outstanding Contribution in Management History
"Useful Rhetorical History: An Ideographic Analysis of Fortune 500 Corporations"
William M. Foster
University of Alberta
Diego M. Coraiola
University of Victoria
Roy Suddaby
University of Victoria
Journal of Management History Award for Best Management History Paper with International Theme 
"Debt and Destruction: Resistance, Institutional Voids and the Dawn of the Multinational Enterprise"
Wim Van lent
Montpellier Business School
Imran Chowdhury
Pace University
Sage Publishers Award for Best Management History Paper in Leadership 
"Leveraging Psychological Capital during a Crisis: Churchill's Leadership during World War II"
Ivana Milosevic
Montpellier Business School
Erin Bass
University of Nebraska
Djordje Milosevic
John Hopkins University
Ronald B. Shuman Award For Best Student Paper
"A Historical Comparative Perspective on Theory Development in Organization Studies"
Qian Li
University of Missouri
Scott Seyrek
University of Missouri
Management History Division Award for Best Reviewer
James Spee
University of Redlands


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Chan Hahn Best Paper Award Winner
"The Benefits and Downsides of Common Supply Chain Partners"
Veronica H. Villena
Pennsylvania State University
Li Cheng
University of Tennessee
Best Student Paper Award Winner    
"The Influence of Manufacturing Services on Innovation"
Sina Golara
Arizona State University
Kevin Dooley
Arizona State University
Best Reviewer Awards    
Christoph Bode
Mannheim University
Kate Hughes
Greenwich University
Deanna M. Kennedy
University of Washington, Bothell
Xiaosong (David) Peng
University of Houston
OM Distinguished Scholar    
Kevin Linderman
University of Minnesota  
JOM Jack Meredith Best Paper Award 2016    
"Supply Chain Collaboration: Impact on Collaborative Advantage and Firm Performance".
Mei Cao
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Qingyu Zhang
Arkansas State University


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Lifetime Achievement Award - Sponsored by Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior
The OB Division's Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes senior scholars who have contributed to our discipline throughout their careers.

The 2016 recipient of this award is Blake Ashforth. Blake delivered an engaging and meaningful address on the topic of "How Not to Kill Your Passion for Research" which can be viewed online.

Blake is a Professor of Management and holds the Horace Steele Arizona Heritage Chair at Arizona State University.

Many thanks to the award committee: Martin Kilduff (Chair), Linda Trevino, Anne O'Leary-Kelly and Gary Johns.

Blake1 blake2  
2016 Cummings Award - Sponsored by the OB Division

Each year the OB Division honors the achievement of an early- to mid- career scholar with the Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award. The award was created in honor of the late Professor Larry Cummings and is sponsored by the OB Division Endowment.

The 2016 recipient of the Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award is Dave Mayer.

Dave is Associate Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Maryland.

Thank you to the award committee: Christina Shalley (Chair), Soon Ang, Greg Oldham, Maria Kraimer and Sally Maitlis.

2016 Mentorship Award - Sponsored by the Antwerp Management School
Each year the OB Division honors a scholar with the Mentorship Award. The award is sponsored by Antwerp Management School.

The 2016 recipient of the Mentorship Award is Sharon Parker.

Sharon is the Winthrop Professor at the UWA Business School, University of Western Australia.

Thank you to the award committee for their efforts in making this happen: Susan Ashford, Dan Cable, Lisa Dragoni, John Hollenbeck, Elizabeth Morrison, and Daan van Knippenberg.
2016 Outstanding Publication in OB Award - Sponsored by the OB Division
This award recognizes the publication that represents the most significant contribution to the advancement of the field of organizational behavior.

Thank you to the award committee: Hui Liao (Chair), Tiziana Casciaro, Emilio Castilla, James Detert, Michelle Duffy, Michael Johnson, Aparna Joshi, Lisa Leslie, David Mayer, Madan Pillutla, and Zhen Zhang.

"Paradoxical Leader Behaviors in People Management: Antecedents and Consequences", Academy of Management Journal, 58: 538-566.
Yan Zhang
Peking University
David Waldman
Arizona State University
Yu-Lan Han
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Xiao-Bei Li
Eact China University of Science and Technology
2016 Outstanding Practitioner-Oriented Publication in OB Award - Sponsored by Google's People Innovation Lab
This award recognizes the publication that provides the most significant contribution to the practice of management in the field of Organizational Behavior.

Thank you to the award committee: Gretchen Spreitzer (Chair), Jean Bartunek, Ethan Bernstein, Suzanne Peterson, Gianpiero Petriglieri, Christine Quinn Trank, and Sumita Raghuram.

"The Authenticity Paradox", Harvard Business Review, January-February 2015, 52-59
Herminia Ibarra

2016 Best Paper Award - Sponsored by SAGE Publications on behalf of Group & Organization Management

This award recognizes the empirical and/or conceptual paper submitted to the Academy of Management meeting that offers the most significant contribution to the field of OB.

Thank you to the award committee: John Mathieu (Chair); Susan Ashford, Michael Bashshur, Jason Colquitt, John Hollenbeck, William Maddux, and Vijaya Ventakaramani

"Jolted into Dominance or Prestige? How Jolts to Groups Affect Status-Striving and Status Conferral"
Elijah Wee
Rellie Derfler-Rozin
Jennifer Carson Marr
Georgia Tech
2016 Best Symposium Award - Sponsored by the OB Division
This award recognizes the symposium on the program that best exemplifies interesting, important, and high-impact research.

Thank you to the award committee: Abbie Shipp (chair), Mark Bolino, Colin Fisher, Olivia (Mandy) O'Neill, Nancy Rothbard, and John Trougakos.

"Behavioral Ethics at Work: A Move Towards Developing Interventions that Mitigate Unethicality"
Julia Lee
Ting Zhang
Harvard University
2016 Best Paper with International Implications Award - Sponsored by the OB Division
This award recognizes the paper whose theme and content best reflects an awareness of business and management across national boundaries.

Thank you to the award committee: Dong Liu (Chair), John Antonakis, Bart de Jong, Crystal Farh, Michael Frese, Brad Kirkman, and Yih-Teen Lee.

"Cultural Uncertainty as Moderator of the Organizational Formalization Puzzle"
Ronald Fischer
Victoria University of Wellington
Maria Cristina Ferreira
Salgado de Oliveira University
Kubilay Gok
Winona State University
Nathalie van Meurs
Middlesex University
Ding-Yu Jiang
National Chung Cheng University
Donna Achmadi
Canterbury District Health Board
Ma. Socorro Mendoza
UBHC Rutgers University
Arif Hassan
International Islamic University Malaysia
Johnny Fontaine
Ghent University
Charles Harb
American University of Beirut
Mustapha Achoui
Arab Open University
Andrew Mogaji
Benue State University
Jan Cieciuch
University of Zurich
2016 Outstanding Practical Implications for Management Paper Award - Sponsored by Mercer Workforce Sciences Institute
This award recognizes the paper with the best practical implications for management.

Thank you to the award committee: Alicia Grandey (chair), Kay Bartol, Gary Ballinger, Mark Griffin, Joshua Margolis, and John Wagner.

"The Duality of Boundary Spanning: Its Positive and Negative Effects on Team Effectiveness"
David DeGeest
Thom de Vries
Gerben van der Vegt
2016 Best Dissertation-Based Paper Award - Sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Journal of Organizational Behavior
This award recognizes the empirical and/or conceptual paper based on the first author's dissertation, which offers the most significant contribution to the field of OB.

Thank you to the award committee: Mo Wang (Chair), David Dwertmann, Charlice Hurst, Sewon Kim, Christopher Porter, Kelly Schwind Wilson, and Cindy Zapata

"Servant Leadership Transmission and a Female Advantage: Building and Testing a Contingent Theory"
James Lemoine
SUNY University at Buffalo
Terry Blum
Georgia Tech
Daniel Watts
Georgia Tech
Wesley Kean
Georgia Tech
2016 Most Innovative Student Paper Award - Sponsored by Sage Publications
This award recognizes an empirical or conceptual paper led by a student that builds or tests theory in an unusually creative manner, investigates a novel organizational phenomenon, or uses a path-breaking design to illuminate an important problem.

Thank you to the award committee: Spencer Harrison (chair), Roy Chua, Alexandra Gerbasi, Christopher Hartwell, Nora Madjar, and Ned Wellman.

"Economic Consequences of Unethical Behavior: An Organizational Context Model"
Bradford Baker
Michael Johnson


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The OCIS Division awards best paper awards in three categories: 1) Best paper published in a journal by an OCIS Member 2) Best conference paper and 3) Best conference paper authored by a PhD student.
Best OCIS Published Paper Award
Winner: "The Emergence of Online Community Leadership"  
Steven L. Johnson
University of Virginia
Hani Safadi
University of Georgia
Samer Faraj
McGill University
1st Runner Up: "Fluidity, Identity, and Organizationality: The Communicative Constitution of Anonymous"
Leonhard Dobusch
Freie Universität Berlin
Dennis Schoeneborn
Copenhagen Business School
Best OCIS Division Paper Award
Winner: "Creating New Value Through Repurposing Digital Innovations"
Katerina Antonopoulou
IESE Business School
Joe Nandhakumar
University of Warwick
Ola Henfridsson
University of Warwick
1st Runner-up: "Converting Expertise Dissimilarity to Creativity: Impacts of Team TMS and Geographical Dispersion"
Wei He
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Andreas Schroeder
Aston Business School
Yulin Fang
City University of Hong Kong
JJ Po-An Hsieh
Georgia State University
2nd Runner-up"Technology as Routine Capability"
E. Burton Swanson
University of California, Los Angeles
Best OCIS Student Paper Award
Winner: "Conceptualizing Organizational Policy in Principle and Practice"
Casey Pierce
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1st Runner-up: "The Role of Institutional Logics in Shaping Architecture Governance: A Case Study"
Peter Andersen
Aarhus School of Business & Social Sciences
Per Svejvig
Aarhus University
Please visit for additional information about OCIS awards.


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Sincere congratulations to all winners of ODC awards for 2016:
Distinguished Scholar Award    
Michael L. Tushman
Harvard Business School
Best Paper Award (Also an all-Academy Dexter Award Finalist!)  
"Paradoxes of Change"
George I. Kassinis
University of Cyprus
Alexia Panayiotou
University of Cyprus
Pasmore-Woodman Award
Mitchell L. Marks
San Francisco State University &
Philip H. Mirvis
Boston College
Rupert F. Chisolm Best Theory-to-Practice Award (Also our Newman Award Nominee)
"To Gain Control – Let Go: Heterarchical Leadership During an Organizational Crisis"
Synnove Nesse
NHH Norwegian School of Economics
Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Award
"Yes, we (still) can! Team Resilience at the Workplace"
Silja Hartmann
LMU Munich
Best Action Research Paper Award
"Action Research as Interplay of Four Contexts"
Gertjan Schuiling
VU Amsterdam
Hans Vermaak
Sioo & Twynstra
Organization Development and Change Research Award (ODCRA)
"The Social Processes of Organizational Change Resistance"
James Vardaman
Mississippi State University
Liam Maher
Florida State University
Susan G. Cohen Doctoral Research Award (cosponsored with USC's Center for Effective Organizations
"The Relationship Between Organizational Design and Identity in Situations of Change"
Janina Reich
University of Edinburgh
Outstanding Reviewer Awards
Vanessa Hasse
Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada
Sophie Michel
EMLYON Business School, France
Most of these awards were handed out at the ODC Division Business meeting in Anaheim, with our Pasmore-Woodman winners dressing for the occasion:
ODC marksmirvispasmore    
From left to right: Mitchell L. Marks (San Francisco State U. &, Philip H. Mirvis (Boston College), Richard W. Woodman (Texas A& M U.), Zoe Morris (Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.), David Grant (Griffith U., ODC Division Chair)
Our Distinguished Scholar Award was handed out at the conclusion of the plenary address:
ODC Dist Scholar    
From left to right:  Michael L. Tushman (Harvard U.), John Amis (Edinburgh U., ODC Program Chair)
At the business meeting we also bid a fond farewell to several ODC Board members, who are pictured here with some of the continuing Board:
ODC Board    
From left to right:
Back row: Andre S. Avramchuk (California State U., LA, departing Director of Communications), Robert Carpino (California State U., LA, departing Executive Scholar-Practitioner), Gavin Schwarz (U. of New South Wales, Secretary/Treasurer)
Front row: Kate Elgayeva (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, departing Student Representative and incoming Representative-at-Large), Danielle Zandee (Nyenrode Business U., PDW chair), David Grant (Griffith U., departing Division Chair), Julie Smendzuik-O'Brien (Fielding Graduate U., Membership Coordinator), Patrice Rosenthal (Fielding Graduate U., departing General Representative-at-Large), Julie Wolfram Cox (Monash U., Division Chair Elect)
Many thanks to all who contributed to our program and business meeting in 2016 and especially to John Amis, our past program chair, and Danielle Zandee, our past PDW chair. We are also most grateful to David Grant (past Division Chair) for his stewardship and to Julie Smendzuik-O'Brien for her photos from the business meeting.
ODC Division is currently welcoming new members and also additional sponsors.  We will be calling for nominations for our new Distinguished Educator Award for 2017 and also aim to provide support in Atlanta for our top student submitters.


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OMT Distinguished Scholar Award    
John Meyer
Stanford University
OMT Joanne Martin Trailblazer Award
Haridimos Tsoukas
University of Cyprus and Warwick Business School
OMT Best Published Paper in 2015
"How Early Implementations Influence Later Adoptions of Innovation: Social Positioning and Skill Reproduction in the Diffusion of Robotic Surgery" Academy of Management Journal58(1), 242-278
Amelia Compagni
Bocconi University
Valentina Mele
Bocconi University
Davide Ravasi
City University London
OMT Division Best Paper Award    
"Better in the Shadows? Media Coverage and Market Reactions to Female CEO Appointments"
Kevin Patrick Gaughan
Northwestern University
Ned Smith
Northwestern University
Louis R. Pondy Award for Best Paper Based on a Dissertation
"The Artisan and His Audience: Identification with Work and Price-Setting in Southern India"
Aruna Ranganathan
Stanford University
OMT Division Best Student Paper Award    
"The Fickle Crowd: Selective Differentiation in Cultural Markets"
Daniel DellaPosta
Cornell University
Minjae Kim
OMT Division Best Paper on Environmental & Social Practices
"Think Global, Drink Local: Field Configuring Interactions and the Detroit Water Crisis"
A. Wren Montgomery
University of Windsor
OMT Division Best International Paper
"The Family-legitimizing Environment and the Prevalence, Strategy, and Performance of Family Firms"
Pascual Berrone
Patricio Duran
University Adolfo Ibanez
Luis Gomez-Mejia
Notre Dame University
Pursey Heugens
Erasmus University
Marc van Essen
University of St. Gallen
OMT Division Best Entrepreneurship Paper
"Relational Exchange and Generalized Trust in China"
Victor Nee
Cornell University
Sonja Opper
Lund University
Hakan Holm
Lund University
OMT Division Best Symposium Award
"Politics, Political Ideology and Organizations"
Abhinav Gupta
University of Washington, Seattle


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The ONE Doctoral Dissertation Award recognizes recent doctoral work in the area of organizations and natural environment:
"Water Wars and Warriors: Field Actors and the International Water Crisis"
Wren Montgomery
Queen's University
Finalist: "Sustainability and Risk: The Role of Stakeholders"
Julian Kölbel
ETH Zurich
The Organizations and the Natural Environment Division of the Academy of Management (ONE) Book Award recognizes the best book published in the previous three years (2013, 2014 or 2015) in the area of organizations and the natural environment:
"Innovations in Sustainability", Cambridge University Press
Alfred Marcus
University of Minnesota
Runner up: "How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate", Stanford University Press
Andrew Hoffmann
University of Michigan
The ONE Emerging Scholar Award recognizes early career academics who have already made outstanding research contributions in the area of organizations and the natural environment, and who appear to have a strong potential to continue making such contributions in the near future:
Shon R Hiatt
University of Southern California
The ONE Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes a prominent scholar whose contributions have been central to the development of the field of environmental management/sustainable business, and who has made a significant impact on ONE scholarship:
Sanjay Sharma
University of Vermont
Research Impact (NBS) - This award recognizes a piece of contemporary, peer-reviewed research that has important implications for prac¬tice. The research may focus on any dimension of social or environmental sustainability.
The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) co-sponsors this award with the Organizations and the Natural Environment Division:
"Creating Economic and Environmental Value Through Industrial Symbiosis", Long Range Planning, 48(2): 95-107
Raymond L. Paquin
Concordia University
Timo Busch
University of Hamburg
Suzanne G. Tilleman
University of Montana
Runner up: "Does Corporate Social Responsibility Lead to Superior Financial Performance? A Regression Discontinuity Approach", Management Science, 2015
Caroline Flammer
Western University
The KEDGE Unorthodox Paper Award recognizes research that adopts unconventional conceptual or theoretical perspectives, methodologies, approaches, or phenomena in the area of organizations and the natural environment. The award favors research that ventures off the beaten track, is characterized by out of the box thinking and offers new perspectives on pressing research questions in the ONE field, while adhering to rigorous academic standards:
"Beyond Natural Disaster vs. Man-Made Disaster Debates on an Explosion of a Nuclear Power Plant"
Nobuyuki Chikudate
Hiroshima University
Runner up: "Capturing Paradox Through a Discourse of Transcendence: Big Oil's Construction of Climate Change"
George Ferns
University of Edinburgh
Kenneth Amaeshi
University of Edinburgh
ONE Best Paper Award    
"Social Movement Activism and Entrepreneurial Collective Action in the Emergent US Wood Pellet Market"
Shon R. Hiatt
University of Southern California
Sangchan Park
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
ONE Best Reviewer Award
Frances E. Bowen
Queen Mary University of London
Patrick J. Callery
UC Santa Barbara
Frederik Dahlmann
Warwick Business School
Mark R. DesJardine
Western University
Tobias Hahn
Kedge Business School
Susan E. Jackson
Rutgers University
Jocelyn M. Leitzinger
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Jan M. W. N. Lepoutre
ESSEC Business School
Joel Marcus
York University
Bjoern C. Mitzinneck
Cornell Johnson School
Guillaume C. F. Pain
Concordia University
Horacio Enrique Rousseau
IESE Business School
Kerrie Unsworth
University of Leeds


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Sage Publications/RMD Distinguished Career Award
Fritz Drasgow
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
RM Career Award    
Fritz Drasgow receiving RM Distinguished Career Award, left to right: Cynthia Nalevanko, Fritz Drasgow, Andreas Schwab
Sage Publications/RMD/CARMA/Lawrence R. James Early Career Award
Louis Tay
Purdue University
Sage Publications/Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology Award
"The Illusion of Statistical Control: Control Variable Practice in Management Research" published in Organizational Research Methods, 15, 413-435.
Kevin D. Carlson
Virginia Tech
Jinpei Wu
SUNY – Oswego
SAGE/RMD Best Division Paper Award
"Dichotomizing Network Data Can Change the Meaning of Actor Centrality"
Noah Eisenkraft
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
SAGE/RMD Best Division Student Paper Award
"A Critical Note on the Prevalent Use of the Standard Deviation as Diversity Measure"
Kim De Meulenaere
KU Leuven
Organizational Research Methods 2015 Best Paper Award
"Cronbach's Coefficient Alpha: Well Known but Poorly Understood", Organizational Research Methods, 18(2)207-230.
Cho, E. Kim, S.  
"What Grounded Theory Is…A Critically Reflective Conversation Among Scholars", Organizational Research Methods, 18(4), 581-599.
Walsh, I. Holton, J. A.  
Bailyn, L. Fernandez, W.  
Levina, N. Glaser, B.  


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Best Student Paper Award
Winner: "Identity in the Making: How Organisational Identity Change is Facilitated in a Business Unit Merger"
Lisa Day
London Metropolitan University
Julia Balogun
Univesity of Liverpool
SAP BestStudentPaper    
Runners up:
"Causal Maps in Collective Decision-making: A Practice View on Enacting Situated Material Artifacts"
Patrick Reinmoeller
Cranfield University
Mikko Arevuo
Regent's University London
"The Double Edge of Participation in Strategy-making"
Anniina Rantakari
University of Oulu
Puhakka Vesa
University of Oulu
Best Paper Award
Winner: "Leading vs. the Right to Lead: CEO Sensegiving and Legitimacy Projection Across Multiple Strategic Change Episodes"
Eric Knight
The University of Sydney
Matthew Grimes
Indiana University
SAP BestPaper    
Runner up: "Bringing Meaning In: The relationship Between Strategic Renewal and Professional Identity"
Krista Pettit
Ivey Business School
Mary Crossan
Ivey Business School
Pushing the Boundaries Award
"Is This a Worthy Strategy? Critique, Justification and Evaluation in the Practice of Strategy"
Charlotte Cloutier
HEC Montreal
Jean-Pascal Gond
CASS Business School
SAP PushingBoundaries    
We thank our Awards Committee for the fantastic job they have done in selecting these papers
Carola Wolf
Aston University
Rebecca Bednarek
Birkbeck, University of London
Gary Burke
Aston University
Robert Wright
HK Polytechnic
Claus Jacobs
Bern University
Uche Ogwude
Aston University
We also want to take the time to acknowledge our outstanding reviewers, who went over and above their duty to provide high quality constructive feedback to participants at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Anaheim. THANK YOU!
SAP Reviewers    
Outstanding Reviewers    
Julia Balogun
University of Liverpool
Gustavo Birollo
HEC Montreal
Giovany Cajaiba-Santana
Kedge Business School
Leonhard Dobusch
Freie University Berlin
Vern Glaser
University of Alberta
Stephanie Hurt
Meredith College
Marko Kohtamäki
University of Vaasa/Luleå University of Technology
Jane Lê
Uiversity of Sydney
Sotirios Paroutis
University of Warwick
Mauricio Umana Ramirez
Glasswing International
Christopher Steele
University of Alberta
Ruifang Wang
Manooth University
Angelina Zubac
Central Queensland University
Jane Lê, SAP Chair-Elect    


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Sumner Marcus Award - each year, the SIM Division presents the Sumner Marcus Award in recognition and appreciation for outstanding contributions of service and scholarship to the field.
Thomas J. Donaldson    
SIM SumnerMarcus    
Photo: 2016-17 SIM Division Chair Jamie Hendry with Sumner Marcus Award Recipient Tom Donaldson.
Best Dissertation Award - dissertations are eligible to be nominated for the Best Dissertation Award during the year that they are successfully defended and the following year.
"Financial Regulation, Financial Innovation, and Public Deliberation: Critical Insights from Organization Theory" supervised by Andreas Georg Scherer
Emilio Marti    
SIM Dissertation    
SIM Best Dissertation Award recipient Emilio Marti, his dissertation supervisor Andreas Georg Scherer, and Award Committee Chair Miriam Müthel.
Best Paper Award - each year, the SIM Division confers the Best Paper Award to the authors of the best paper submitted to the Division for the Academy Meetings.
"Income Inequality: Value flow Analysis, Market Narratives, and Organizational Practice"
Brent D. Beal
University of Texas at Tyler
Roger N. Conaway
EGADE Business School
Marina N. Astakhova
University of Texas at Tyler
Oliver Laasch
University of Manchester
SIM Best Paper    
Photo: Best Paper Award Committee Chair Dana Mazutis with SIM Best Paper Award Recipients Roger Conaway, Brent Beal, and Oliver Laasch
Best Student Paper Award - Each year, all papers authored or co-authored by students and accepted to the SIM Division program are eligible for the Best Student Paper Award.
"Punishment Contingency and Unethical Behavior: The Role of Uncertainty and Justice Perceptions"
Julena M. Bonner
Utah State University
Cynthia S. Wang
Oklahoma State University
Rebecca L. Greenbaum
Oklahoma State University
Award for the Best Paper on the History of Corporate Responsibility - The Award Committee considered all papers accepted to the 2016 SIM Division program that possessed ample historical content related to corporate responsibility.
"Bound to Fail Yet Successful: Understanding Institutionalization Processes of Contested Practices"
Arthur Gautier
ESSEC Business School
Anne-Claire Pache
ESSEC Business School
Imran Chowdhury
Pace University
Best Book Award    
"The Diplomat in the Corner Office: Corporate Foreign Policy"
Timothy Fort    


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Wiley Distinguished Scholar Award
Giovanni Dosi
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa
TIM Distinguished Scholar    
Pictured:TIM Chair Keld Laursen (to the left) presenting the TIM Wiley Distinguished Scholar Award 2016 to Professor Giovanni Dosi.
Past Chairs' Emerging Scholar Award
Ram Ranganathan
University of Texas at Austin)
TIM Emerging Scholar    
Pictured:TIM Past Chair Chris Tucci (to the left) presenting the TIM Past Chairs' Emerging Scholar Award 2016 to Ram Ranganathan.
Best Paper Award
"Social Ties or Patent Quality Signals – Evidence from East German Inventor Migration"
Matthias Dorner
Max Planck Institute
Dietmar Harhoff
Max Planck Institute
Stefan Bender
Institute for Employment Research
Tina Hinz
Friedrich-Alexander U. of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Karin Hoisl
University of Mannheim
TIM Best Paper    
Pictured: TIM Rep-at-large Jason Davis (to the right) presenting the TIM Best Paper Award 2016 to Dietmar Harhoff.
Best Student Paper Award
"Shooting Ourselves in the Foot to Kill a Fly? Patent Enforcement and Market for Technology"
Senem Aydin
Bocconi University
TIM Best Student Paper    
Pictured: TIM Rep-at-large Jason Davis (to the right) presenting the TIM Best Student Paper Award 2016 to Senem Aydin.
Best Dissertation Award
"What is the Role of the State in Entrepreneurship and Venture Performance?" Under the supervision of: Kathleen Eisenhardt (Co-Advisor), Charles Eesley (Co-Advisor), Riitta Katila, Stephen Barley.
Daniel Armonios
Carnegie Mellon University, PhD Stanford University
TIM Best Dissertation    
Pictured: TIM Rep-at-large Henry Sauermann (to the left) presenting the TIM Best Dissertation Award 2016 to Daniel Armonios.


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