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The Innovation Challenge at Infineon Technologies Austria AG(1)

***Winner of the 2012 Academy of Management Teaching Resource Library Video Competition***

* The video presents the challenges that Infineon Technologies Austria AG (1.4 billion EUR in turnover and 2,800 employees in 2011), a global technology leader in the fast-paced semiconductor industry, faces in an effort to enhance its innovation performance. 
* The video case features Infineon Austria´s Innovation Manager Günther Wellenzohn as well as two executive board members, Sabine Herlitschka (CTO) and Reinhard Petschacher, presenting their firm´s innovation management strategy. 
* The case highlights the importance of taking a holistic view of innovation, of creating an innovation culture, and of developing internal networks for fostering innovation performance.
* The video (suitable for courses in innovation management and general management on Master or executive education levels) can be presented in three parts, enabling students to think about how they would increase the innovation performance of a firm:
(1) The first part of the video emphasizes the central role that innovation plays in the semiconductor industry in general and for Infineon Austria in particular. Upon appearance of the screen with the question “How to increase the innovation performance of a high-tech company?” the video can be paused to provide students with the possibility to discuss how they would approach this challenge.
(2) Another discussion opportunity follows after sequence 2 based on the question “How to foster cooperation in intra-organizational networks?”. 
(3) The final part of the video presents Infineon´s innovation management initiatives and their results in more detail, offering students the opportunity to compare their own approaches with Infineon´s actual strategies.

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