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Business school: Management games and MBAs vs hackers

Business school: Management games and MBAs vs hackers
Financial Times
By Andrew Hill
Published: April 10, 2017

Andrew Hill's challenge

Simulations are an integral part of many business education courses and often use online tools to add to the realism of the scenarios discussed. I’ve written this week about the history of the “National Management Game”, an early computerised simulation, and the risk that dependence on computer simulations may distance would-be managers from human problems.

In this week’s challenge, I’d like to hear your ideas for a simple business simulation or game that would give players insights into how to handle people issues at work. Two conditions: your game must be entirely analogue — no gadgets or gizmos — and you must be able to sum it up in no more than three sentences. As usual, please send your thoughts to

Last week, I asked you to suggest ways in which business could help raise children’s aspirations. MBA student Sehela Simin came up with a range of ideas. My favourite was the suggestion that big technology conferences should “include a children’s segment … so kids can accompany their parents to these conferences”. (This would, of course, have the side-effect of exposing the fact that many parents attend conferences to get away from their children.)

I’m fascinated by motivation at work and this week I’ve been looking at a paper just published in the Academy of Management Journal that suggests that if you view your work as a calling, you risk burnout.

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