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Don’t neglect your mature-age workers’ training needs

Don’t neglect your mature-age workers’ training needs
Learning and Development Professional
By Brett Henebery
Published: January 16, 2017

Research shows that mature-age workers are experiencing an ongoing issue that not only affects them, but the organisations they work for.

The study – titled: ‘Engage me: the mature-age worker and stereotype threat’ – was published in the Academy of Management Journal and studied more than 600 people aged 45 and older working in three Australian cities, in a wide range of jobs and in many different kinds of organisations.

The report found that some mature-age workers experienced stereotype threat, which happens when this age group feels extra pressure to perform well, making work more stressful and a lot less fun.

Carol T. Kulik, Sanjeewa Perera, Christina Cregan – who led the study – pointed out that this is bad for a mature-age worker, but it’s bad for organisations too.

“Disengaged workers don’t perform to their full capability, and can cost an organisation 30% of their salary in lost productivity,” the authors said.


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