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Equal vs. Special Treatment in Pregnancy

Equal vs. Special Treatment in Pregnancy
Human Resource Executive
By Kristen B. Frasch
Published: April 27, 2015
>> Equal vs. Special Treatment in Pregnancy

A new study finds pregnant employees are more concerned about job status and perceptions of their pregnancy than what accommodations are in store for them. Some say this counters Young v. UPS’ underlying assumptions; others do not. 

For anyone interpreting the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Young v. United Parcel Service Inc. as confirmation that women want and deserve special accommodations and treatment during pregnancy, a recent study by the Academy of Management could, in turn, be interpreted as counter to that.

The study, “Professional Image Maintenance: How Women Navigate Pregnancy in The Workplace,” published in the February-March edition of the Academy of Management Journal, finds an impressive majority of pregnant women do not want special treatment at all.

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