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The Truth About Being a Workaholic: Why It Isn’t Always Bad for You

The Truth About Being a Workaholic: Why It Isn’t Always Bad for You
Published: November 29, 2017

Ten Brummelhuis commented in an Academy of Management Discoveries interview, “If you’re working long hours and you are compulsive — so you’re preoccupied with work all the time, you can’t switch off, you go to bed but you can’t sleep because you’re ruminating about your job, that’s the unhealthy version of working excessive hours.”
Happy vs. Unhappy Workaholics

There was a second finding, one even more intriguing to the researchers. Within the group of true workaholics — those who worked long hours and also couldn’t switch off from work – – a striking distinction emerged.

Workaholics who were not engaged with their jobs did show signs of increasingly poor health in terms of metabolic syndrome. However, workaholics who reported being highly engaged and fulfilled in their jobs stayed healthy. It didn’t matter that they put in long hours, drove themselves to work very hard, and thought about their job all the time. In fact, they showed no more risk of developing metabolic syndrome than the average non-workaholic employee.

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