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Why daydreaming at work is good for you

Why daydreaming at work is good for you
The Sydney Morning Herald
By James Adonis
Published: October 19, 2018

“Pay attention please.” How often have you heard that phrase?

Or this one: “I need you to remain focused.” The expectation that we must pay attention and stay focused – that we must never daydream – has become a ubiquitous demand in organisations. But what if there were research to suggest daydreaming is actually good for you, your job and ultimately your organisation?

Such research exists and it has been explicated in an insightful analysis published a few months ago in the respected Academy of Management Review.

Before revealing the findings of that review, it’s important to note the intention here isn’t to denigrate attention and focus. Both have obvious benefits, such as timely decision making and fewer mistakes.


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