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Working Long Hours Isn’t A Bad Thing If You Love Your Job

Working Long Hours Isn’t A Bad Thing If You Love Your Job
Business News Daily
By Ethan Spielman
Published: December 1, 2017

Conventional wisdom suggests workaholics must learn moderation and balance, reducing the number of hours they work, as well as the overall mental bandwidth work takes up. Otherwise, they risk potentially life-threatening, stress-induced medical conditions.

A recent study published by the Academy of Management, however, complicates this understanding. According to the study, workaholism as a condition is defined by a person's attitude toward work, not simply the amount of work a person does. Workaholism can be a significant health problem when an individual fixates on work for unhealthy reasons, such as anxiety about job security or ambition for its own sake.
"While the majority of workaholics

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