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The ENT Division: Its Ideals and Identity

January 30, 2015

ENT_photos_stacked_on_topWith its dynamic members, unique character, strong scholarship, and devotion to the broader community affected by entrepreneurship, it is no wonder that the ENT Division continues to grow.

The ENT Division is especially geared toward the development of our members through doctoral, early career, and mid-career consortia as well as through exciting PDWs, plenary and paper sessions, and our two annual social events at the Academy of Management meetings. Each year, the division recognizes those who contribute to developing others by granting the Mentor Award (e.g., Don Kuratko in 2014) and to those who contribute to developing the field with the Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award (e.g., Michael Morris in 2014).

Among the many factors that give a Division its character, we would like to mention three that are particularly important to the identity of our Division:

Volunteering - Like other divisions, the ENT division absolutely depends on volunteers' efforts in order to function, and there are exciting volunteer opportunities available to all who are interested. We have a large core of people who selflessly dedicate many hours to Division service, and we create volunteer opportunities for continuous development of our members. Currently, for example, our research (Dimo Dimov, Chair), communications (Kathleen Randerson, Chair), and teaching committees (Linda Edelman, Chair) are seeking volunteers for three-year terms with the Division. Contact the Chairs of the committees if you are interested in offering your services.

Diversity orientation - We actively promote diversity of interest, including the dimensions of gender, nationality, and scholarly approach, among others. Although the Academy of Management was founded as a North American organization geared primarily toward research scholars, times are changing. For 2014-2015, our Chair Elect, Program Chair, and PDW Chair are from Italy, France, and Germany, respectively. Our executive board has a strong gender mix, and we intentionally gear activities towards practitioners and teachers as well as researchers. The Division also features research focusing on entrepreneurial topics at different levels including the individual, team, company, and overall economy.

Connecting members - The ENT division organizes a "New Member Meeting Point" event and puts new members in contact with seasoned ones at each AOM annual meeting. Throughout the year, other media connect our members and potential members. The ENT LISTERV connects literally thousands of researchers, educators, and practitioners interested in entrepreneurship. The NewsBlast, our bi-monthly electronic newsletter, is prepared by three editors representing each one of our pillars: academic, practitioner, and practitionerscholar. For the ultra-connected, we also offer social media means to get in or remain in touch: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are currently used. Other media and support will be coming soon!

We invite all AOM members interested in entrepreneurship to join us.

>> The ENT Division: Its Ideals and Identity

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