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AMP invites you to submit Exchanges

Exchanges are responses to articles in the print edition, and responses to those responses. The feature will be available only in the Dynamic Edition of the journal.

Exchanges are meant to continue the conversation, to educate, and to motivate further inquiry. Exchanges should be written in a tone that is conversational and analytical, not argumentative. Exchanges are not meant to be soapboxes for the airing of grievances. The reason for an Exchange can be a different point of view, but the contribution should further the conversation by providing new insights, questions, suggestions, and directions that guide or motivate more inquiry. Exchanges can raise other theoretical perspectives, compelling empirical evidence, or logics not considered in the print article that helps readers look at an article differently.

Exchanges are editorially reviewed and should be submitted under the Manuscript type “Exchange” in Manuscript Central. Exchanges can be solicited or unsolicited. When submitting an Exchange, please reference the article to which you are responding in the title. The editors may send your contribution to the author of the original article for a response, not as an author to a reviewer but as a colleague to further the conversation. Sometimes, a reviewer might turn in a review of such insight that it materially adds to the conversation. At the discretion of the editor and with permission of the reviewer, the review might be published as an Exchange. Please contribute to Exchanges.

Be sure to check out the forthcoming issue of AMP for Exchanges.

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