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2019 AMR Awards


"Lay Theories of Networking: How Laypeople’s Beliefs About Networks Affect Their Attitudes Toward and Engagement in Instrumental Networking"

Ko Kuwabara, INSEAD Singapore

Claudius A. Hildebrand, Boston Consulting Group

Xi Zou, Nanyang Technological University

Best Paper Finalists

"Hidden in Plain Sight: The Importance of Scale in Organizations’ Attention to Issues"

Pratima Bansal, Western University

Anna Kim, HEC Montreal

Michael O. Wood, University of Waterloo

"The Geography of Strain: Organizational Resilience as a Function of Intergroup Relations"

William A. Kahn, Boston University

Michelle A. Barton, Boston University

Colin M. Fisher, University College London

Emily D. Heaphy, University of Rhode Island

Erin M. Reid, McMaster University

Elizabeth D. Rouse, Boston University

"The Network Architecture of Human Capital: A Relational Identity Perspective"

Jessica R. Methot, Rutgers University

Emily H. Rosado-Solomon, Rutgers University

David G. Allen, Texas Christian University and University of Warwick

Best Paper Committee 

Sharon Alvarez, chair

Francisco Polidoro 

Michelle Hammond 

Eric Anicich 

Ryan Fehr 


"Crowdsourcing as a Solution to Distant Search"

Allan Afuah, University of Michigan

Chris Tucci, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

AMR Practice Implications Award Finalist

"Organizational Decline and Innovation: Turnarounds and Downward Spirals"

William McKinley, Southern University of Carbondale and University of Zurich

Scott Latham, University of Masschusetts, Lowell

Michael Braun, University of Montana, Missoula

AMR Practice Implications Award Committee 

Elizabeth A. Mannix, chair 

Martha Maznevski 

Mark Morris 

Patrick Tan 

Mukhti Khaire


"Organizational Path Dependence: Opening the Black Box"

Joerg Sydow, Freie 

Georg Schreyögg, Freie 

Jochen Koch

AMR Best Reviewers

David Kryscynski

Heather Vough

AMR Outstanding Reviewers

  • Karl Aquino
  • Katerina Bezrukova
  • Flore Bridoux
  • Jonathan Bundy
  • Curtis Chan
  • Jesper Edman
  • Peer Fiss
  • Michael Fuerstein
  • Martin Ganco
  • Dennis Gioia
  • Jennifer Gibbs
  • Aida Hajro
  • Candace Jones
  • Sarah Kaplan
  • Aseem Kaul
  • Mikko Ketokivi
  • Martin Kilduff
  • Bradley Kirkman
  • Joel Koopman
  • Dina Krasikova
  • Sven Kunisch
  • Tom Lawrence
  • Michael Leiblein
  • Catherine Maritan
  • Tom Moliterno
  • Frederick Morgeson
  • Gordon Perchthold
  • Amy Randel
  • Richard Raymond
  • Elizabeth Ravlin
  • Kevin Rockmann
  • Abbie Shipp
  • Jens Schmidt
  • Maartje Schouten
  • Mark Suchman
  • Roy Suddaby
  • Dana Sumpter
  • Sherry Thatcher
  • Paul Tracey
  • Emre Yildiz
  • Susan Young
  • Mary Zellmer-Bruhn


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