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The mission of the Academy of Management Discoveries (AMD) is to promote the creation and dissemination of new empirical evidence that strengthens our understanding of substantively important yet poorly understood phenomena concerning management and organizations. AMD welcomes phenomenon-driven research that employs quantitative and/or qualitative methods at any level of analysis (e.g., individuals, groups, organizations, industries, societies). The journal publishes articles presenting strong and persuasive evidence and provides readers clear and timely implications for understanding and improving management and organizations.  Studies appearing in AMD could be used as a basis for theory development or theory-based empirical articles developed for other AOM journals. 

Studies appropriate for publication in AMD provide:

  • Timely evidence about phenomena that have or may have implications for public policy or managerial practice, (e.g., regarding the effects of economic conditions, corporate governance, contemporary management practices, changing employment conditions)
  • Important and interesting replications/extensions of prior findings that significantly change our understanding of an issue or its boundary conditions
  • Evidence that informs major scholarly debates in the field of management and organizations
  • New evidence-based assessments of managerial and organizational interventions
  • Evidence regarding new constructs and measures
  • Empirical explications of emergent phenomena, processes, and taxonomies. 


  • Author Resources

    AMD publishes articles that present strong and persuasive evidence to inform readers about interesting and important phenomena with clear and timely implications for understanding and improving management and organizations. More information may be found here.

  • Exemplary Papers
    What kinds of papers will AMD publish?
    We are frequently asked to provide examples of the kinds of papers AMD will publish. Because AMD has not yet published any papers, we reviewed other journals, and found the following exemplars of the variety of topics, methods, and data fitting AMD's mission.  More information may be found here.
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