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Registration Information Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to attend the AOM Annual Meeting, and can I also renew my membership at the time of registration?
Visit our Online Registration System and follow the prompts to complete your Annual Meeting registration. If your membership is up for renewal, you will be prompted to renew your membership prior to registering. Your membership must be current through at least August 31, 2019 in order to register for the Annual Meeting.

I registered for the AOM Annual Meeting, but did not receive a receipt of payment.
To access a receipt of payment for the AOM Annual Meeting, please sign in to your AOM account and select “My Profile” at the top right of the screen. When you have reached the “My Profile” page, select the "My Account" tab. Your receipts are located under the "Financial History" heading. You may access all your past AOM receipts and you have the option to print and/or email a copy to yourself or a third party.

I have already registered for the Annual Meeting, but would like to add a guest.
To add a guest to your existing conference registration, please sign in to your AOM account and select the "Annual Meeting" tab. Scroll down to the "GUEST " button where you may add or edit guest information. You are only permitted to add ONE (1) guest. Guest refers to a spouse, child or personal companion who is not a current or past member of the Academy, and is NOT associated with the Academy. Guests are ONLY allowed access to the Exhibit Hall.

I submitted my registration by fax or mail. How long will it take to process my registration?
Registration forms are processed within 5-10 business days of receipt. If you need to be registered any earlier, you may complete your registration online for immediate confirmation. All registrants will receive an e-mail confirmation once the registration and payment have been processed successfully.

Why can't I submit my registration form via email?
In order to follow the PCI compliance guidelines, and to protect the security of your personal information, we will not accept credit card payment via e-mail or e-mail attachments.

Are meals included in the Annual Meeting registration fee?

No meals are included in the Annual Meeting registration fee.

I am no longer able to attend the AOM Annual Meeting. How do I cancel my registration, and will I receive a refund of the fees?

The deadline for Annual Meeting Registration cancellations is July 18, 2019. There will be no refunds after this date.  To cancel registration for any reason or to cancel and charge an alternate credit card, a cancellation request must be submitted by the registrant to, in writing to the Academy of Management. A Processing Fee of $30 will be applied at the time of cancellation. Any additional Professional Development Workshops for which the attendee has registered will also be cancelled. If the cancellation request is not received before the posted cancellation deadline, no refund will be issued. After this date, refunds cannot be granted due to contractual obligations and guarantees. This also extends to registration for any Professional Development Workshops and social events requiring separate enrollment.

I'm only attending the Annual Meeting for one day, do I still have to register and what is the cost?
The registration fees are a flat rate based on the registrant category. We do not offer a discounted rate for abbreviated attendance. View the registration rates for this year's Annual Meeting.

Do all presenters and session participants have to register for the Annual Meeting?
Yes. Per the AOM Annual Meeting Registration and Attendance Policy, all attendees, including individuals scheduled on the official Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting Program, are required to register and pay the appropriate registration fee in order to participate in any capacity at the Annual Meeting. This includes: authors, award recipients, coordinators, discussants, facilitators, hosts, distinguished speakers, moderators, organizers, speakers, participants, presenters, panelists, placement interviewers, secretaries, treasurers, and any division-elected or appointed volunteers, regardless of membership status. Registration for the Annual Meeting is MANDATORY to participate in any session. Please note: your membership must be current through at least August 31, 2019 in order to register for the AOM Annual Meeting. When registering, you have the option to select Academic, Executive or Student as your registration category. View the registration rates for this year's Annual Meeting. 

How do I edit my name badge?
To edit your name badge, please sign in to your AOM account and select the "Annual Meeting" tab. Scroll down until you see a preview of your name badge. You will be able to update how your first name, affiliation and country appear on your name badge. Be sure to hit the UPDATE button to save your changes.

How do I add or edit my emergency contact information?

To add or update emergency contact information, please sign in to your AOM account and select the "Annual Meeting" tab. Scroll to the "EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION" button to make updates.

How do I obtain a letter to assist with my Visa application?

The Academy can provide a Registration Letter or Program Participation Letter to assist with your travel to the US to attend the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. To obtain a Registration Letter you must be registered to attend the AOM Annual Meeting in Boston. A Program Participation letter is ONLY available to individuals listed on the AOM Annual Meeting Program as a speaker or presenter. A Program Participation letter will be available once the online program has been completed (May 2019). Please visit your AOM Member Profile and click on the ‘Annual Meeting’ tab. Scroll down and click on the “Registration Letter” or “Program Participation Letter” button. This will direct you to a page with your requested letter, where you have the option to print. You will only have access to a specific letter type if you meet the above criteria. The Academy of Management does NOT provide letters for guests.

How can I access a Conference Attendance Letter?
Conference Attendance letters for the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management will be available beginning on MONDAY, August 12, 2019 after the conference has ended. We must confirm that you attended the conference before we provide this type of documentation. Please check our website after the conference for step-by-step instructions.

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