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International Theme Committee (ITC) PDW Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions



PDW Chair: Dr. Jamie L. Gloor, University of Zurich;

The International Theme Committee (ITC) invites submissions for Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). We encourage members of all Academy divisions and interest groups to submit PDW proposals that explore international dimensions of management theory and practice, integrate the theme of “Understanding the Inclusive Organization”, and advance the international character of the Academy. If your PDW proposal meets these criteria, we are open to exploring official ITC sponsorship. We are particularly interested in sponsoring interactive and innovative PDW proposals that support the ITC’s primary role of helping the Academy become more international and achieving these critical goals:

Help Academy members become exposed to, or provide exposure for, scholarship being conducted outside the USA.

Assist the membership committee in its charge to expand internationally and to integrate international members into the Academy.

Encourage members to understand and apply different cultural perspectives and ideas within the Academy.

PDWs are a platform for colleagues to share knowledge and expertise and foster the development of workshop participants. Coordinated by the Academy's many divisions, interest groups, and theme committees, PDW sessions are different from regular academy sessions in that they can have a longer time frame and can take many forms (e.g., workshops, interactive symposia, tutorials, breakout sessions, debates, case studies, round tables, research incubators, etc.). The minimum amount of time for a PDW is 1.5 hours. Although a PDW can only be submitted to one division, we do have a process for determining co-sponsorship after PDW submissions, so we encourage partnerships with other divisions, where appropriate.

The Academy, and particularly the ITC, strongly encourage PDWs that create a meeting place between practitioners and academics, between members of different divisions, and scholarly dialogue that are inclusive of scholars and traditions based outside of the USA.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:00PM EST (NY Time). 

All submissions must be made online via the AOM submission system. We are open to general inquiries and/or discussion of potential submission and fit to the ITC PDW Chair, Dr. Jamie L. Gloor, at by December 21, 2018.

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