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Teaching and Learning Conference Finalization Checklist

Submission Process

You will be asked to confirm that the following are true before you are able to submit your proposal: 

  • The uploaded document complies with all the submission guidelines, style formatting, policies and rules.
  • All of the participants are correctly associated with this proposal.
  • This entire proposal is contained in one single document, which does NOT exceed 5 pages in length.
  • The proposal is submitted in the following format:
    • Page 1- Cover Page includes:
      • The title of presentation (in Title Case)
      • The Academy-assigned 5-digit submission number
      • Statement to indicate that ALL presenters on the proposal agree to register and attend the 2020 TLC@AOM Conference should the submission be accepted.
      • Identification of the theme(s) for the proposal (see list of "Themes for the 2020 TLC Conference").
    • Pages 2-5 includes:
      • Topic: Describe the topic of your presentation. What you are planning to do? How does the topic fulfill the theme(s) identified on the Cover Page?
      • Interest: Why would this topic be of interest to conference attendees?
      • Method: Describe your presentation methods - lecture, visual aids, video, etc.
      • Audience Involvement: Describe how you will involve the audience.
      • Takeaways: Be explicit about what the audience will be able to take away from your presentation.  In other words, how can attendees apply the information to improve their teaching?
      • Time Management:  Indicate the presentation time requested: 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Also provide a breakdown of how the time will be utilized with minutes for each segment of the presentation and explain how each presenter will be involved in the presentation materials. 
  • As the submitter, I certify that all participants have agreed to participate in this entire session.
  • I understand that if this submission is accepted, all of the listed participants must complete a separate TLC registration, including an additional fee, in order to take part in the session. (This is in addition to registering for the Annual Meeting.)
  • The final converted PDF was reviewed on the submission site and is the correct version of the submission.
  • I understand that this submission will not be accepted, if:
    • It fails to be 100% compliant with all submission guidelines including the style formatting requirements.
  • I fail to finalize the proposal by the deadline of 14 January 2020 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time).
  • This TLC proposal is now complete (follows ALL Academy specific instructions and requirements) and is ready for review. 


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