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Did you know…

  • We host one of the largest global career sites specifically created for scholars and practitioners in the management and organization fields.
  • Career coaching sessions are offered year-round to prepare and guide job seekers for the interview process.
  • You can expand your network by becoming a volunteer with Career Services.
  • Jobs are continuously posted on our board.
  • During the 2019 Annual Meeting, 125 schools met with over 700 qualified job seekers. 


Job Seekers

Access to a premiere network of academic institutions and corporations looking for high-quality academics, professional scholars, and researchers.



Reach more than 800 active job seekers and an additional 18,000 association members located in more than 120 countries world-wide.


Career Services at the Annual Meeting

Our goal is to support the job recruitment process by offering resources to our employers which are easy, efficient, and affordable. For job seekers, whether you are a seasoned academic looking to advance your career or a PhD student looking for their first job, this is a great opportunity to take control of your career and find that perfect fit!

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Career Services links individuals seeking employment with prospective employers. AOM is not the employing organization and does not control the practices of employing organizations. However, individuals participating in AOM Career Services activities--whether recruiting or job seeking--are subject to the Academy of Management's Code of Ethics.