All-Academy Theme Sessions

All-Academy Theme Chair: Sharon A. Alvarez, University of Pittsburgh

The All-Academy Theme (AAT) program is developed by AOM’s Vice President and Program Chair, with the aid of a theme committee. The AAT program contains a mix of accepted symposia and professional development workshops (PDWs) that were submitted directly to the AAT program for review by the committee. AAT sessions address issues of broad interest, and are directly related to the conference theme: Creating a Better World Together.

As we anticipate the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in August 2022, many organizations and the world’s social structures have been vastly challenged, and, in some cases devastated, by the COVID-19 global pandemic and the broad social unrest of the last couple of years. The resulting uncertainty has stunned and shaken us all. Governments became polarized as millions of people lost their lives during the pandemic while riots over social inequity swept the world. The events that have shaken the world make it clear that if it affects one of us, it affects all of us. While governments have played a key role in responding to these world events, business organizations have been important in leading the world from darkness to better days. As the world emerges from the dark days of the recent past and a new normal takes place, collaboration and cooperation between business organizations, managers, and stakeholders will be of utmost importance.

 Important Notes

  • Submitters do not need to be members to submit a proposal to the Annual Meeting
  • If a proposal is accepted, participants must register to attend the Annual Meeting
  • All participants who attend the Annual Meeting must be AOM Members