ALL-ACADEMY THEME (AAT) Call for Submissions

2023 All-Academy Theme Program: Call for Submissions

All-Academy Theme Chair: Peter Bamberger, Tel Aviv University 


This year, in my role of Academy of Management (AOM) Vice President & Program Chair, I had the privilege of creating a theme for the 2023 AOM Annual Meeting.  My task was to develop a theme that would be appealing and applicable Academy-wide. The 2023 theme, “Putting the Worker Front and Center", is a call to rebalance our attention, and pivot towards those at the very core of productive enterprise, namely the workers. With global shifts in the geo-political, environmental, demographic, and technological landscape introducing unprecedented levels of uncertainty into labor markets and employment relations, the time is now to collectively explore such questions as: How are geo-political and institutional shifts transforming the experience of work, and what are the micro-processes driving this transformation? What operational and employment strategies are required for enterprises to more effectively and sustainably leverage their people potential? To learn more, please review the full summary of the 2023 theme, Putting the Worker Front and Center." 

The AAT program will spotlight the theme, which may be addressed by a wide range of theories and methods across different levels of analyses and contexts. As such, the All-Academy Theme (AAT) Committee is eager to receive theme-related symposium and PDW submissions that represent the full diversity of our membership's backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. The All-Academy program will be developed from submissions to the AAT Committee as well as submissions nominated by Division and Interest Group Program Chairs. Therefore, members are invited to submit their theme-related symposia and PDWs in one of the following two ways (note: standalone papers cannot be submitted to, or nominated for, the AAT program): 

  • You may submit a symposium or PDW directly to the AAT program. These submissions will be reviewed and considered for inclusion on the All-Academy program by the AAT Committee. This route is recommended if you can convincingly and explicitly link the substance of your proposed symposium or PDW to the theme and explain its likely appeal across various divisions and interest groups. Please note, however, that if you decide to submit a proposal directly to the AAT program and it is rejected, the submission will not be reviewed by a division or interest group. 
  • You may submit a symposium directly to the division or interest group whose domain statement best captures the substance of your submission. This route is recommended if you have doubt as to whether the substance of your proposed symposium relates to the theme and/or will have appeal across various divisions and interest groups. Please note that if you decide to submit a proposal directly to a division or interest group, it is possible that the submission will be accepted for presentation during the scholarly program or be nominated, accepted, and included on the All-Academy program. 
We appreciate your interest in participating in the 2023 Annual Meeting! 

AOM 2023 Key Dates

  • Submission Center Opening:
    December 2022
  • Submission Deadline:
    10 January 2023
    (17:00 ET UTC-5/GMT-5)
  • Review Period:
    19 January-23 February
  • Registration/Housing Open:
    Early March 2023
  • Decision Notifications:
  • Annual Meeting Program
    June 2023
  • 83rd Annual Meeting:
    4-8 August 2023