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We inspire and enable a better world through our scholarship and teaching about management and organizations.

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  • 2014 Annual Meeting

    Join us in Philadelphia as the top researchers from all over the world gather to present & discuss emerging scholarship about management & organizations.

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    • AOM 2015 Theme: Opening Governance

      Theme for the 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

      Vancouver, BC, Canada
      Opening Governance
      Program Chair: Anita M McGahan

      Opening Governance, Vancouver, BC

      The theme of the 2015 conference, Opening Governance, invites members to consider opportunities to improve the effectiveness and creativity of organizations by restructuring systems at the highest organizational levels. The term 'governance' refers to leadership systems, managerial control protocols, property rights, decision rights, and other practices that give organizations their authority and mandates for action. Opening governance involves revisiting these practices especially in light of big data, crowdsourcing, and other emerging digital technologies that expand the information and expertise available to organizational leaders. How and when should managers open governance practices to involvement by engaged stakeholders? What advances and problems arise from transparency in decision making? The Opening Governance theme also points to fundamental questions about how various types of organization forms compete to govern valuable resources. What are the tradeoffs associated with pursuing a specific value-creation opportunity under the governance structure of an investor-owned corporation as opposed to a privately held corporation, a B Corporation, or even a licensing arrangement or non-profit organization? How can organizations work more effectively with governmental agencies and foundations to [more...]

    • Academy of Management Annals Vol. 8
    • Important Update from The Academy of Management for Swets Library Customers

      As was made public last month, Swets & Zeitlinger Group B.V. and Swets Information Services B.V. have been declared bankrupt.  Academy of Management library customers are exposed to a definite risk if they continue to submit payments to Swets for any AOM orders with Swets.

      Our concern is specific to all payments made to Swets for 2014 and any 2015 library subscriptions. Our reason for making this announcement is to control and reduce the potential impact this situation might have on your institution and give you the time to consider your options before committing to your 2015 library subscriptions and payment options.

      We strongly suggest that you consider using alternative agents for any existing or planned AOM library subscriptions or contact the Academy directly.   

      We would like to assure our valued library customers that we will do everything in our power to reduce the impact of this unfortunate situation, subject to any constraints the Academy may face in this process.

      Please contact the Academy of Management directly at  should you have any questions or concerns regarding your subscription.

    • Call for Proposals


      Academy of Management Annals Call for Proposals – Volumes 10 and 11

      The Academy of Management Annals is soliciting proposals for articles for Volumes 10 (2016) and 11 (2017). Submissions may be made throughout the year using Manuscript Central; however those received by October 1, 2014 will be given priority. Based on a formal proposal review process, invitations to prepare full papers will be extended on a rolling basis.

      Proposals may be submitted and will be reviewed via the Manuscript Central online system at:

      Guidelines for proposal preparation and submission can be found on the Annals’ webpage under the information for contributors link:

      Please feel free to contact the editors, Sim Sitkin ( or Laurie Weingart (, with any additional questions you might have. 

    • Call for Editors

      Call for Editors

      Call for Nominations - Editor(s) of AMP

      Nominations are being sought for the position of editor of Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP)

      The goal of the Academy's Board of Governors is to ensure an inclusive selection process and generate a viable list of qualified potential editors. We ask for your recommendation for individual(s) who you deem capable and inclined to accept one of these positions of opportunity and responsibility.

      Nominees do not need to be current or previous associate editors of Academy of Management publications. We will contact all nominees to confirm acceptance of the recommendation to be considered for one of the editorships.

      The person (s) selected for AMP will become editor-elect on July 1, 2015, and editor on January 1, 2016. The term of office as editor is three years.
      In general, qualifications for an editor of an Academy publication include the following:

      • Significant scholarly contributions in management, including publications associated with the mission of the journal.
      • Extensive experience and an excellent reputation as a reviewer, an editorial board member, or an editor of a management-related journal.
      • Demonstrated leadership skills, capacity to handle a demanding workload and meet deadlines, and an ability to work constructively with authors, reviewers, and the Academy's Board of Governors and staff members.
      • A doctoral degree in a management-related discipline.
      • A member of the Academy of Management.
      • Nominees may recommend a potential co-editor with the demonstrated top tier criteria listed [more...]

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