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Human Resources (HR) Division Awards

November 25, 2014

Below are the winners of the 2014 Human Resources (HR) Division awards. For a full list of details on the 2014 winners, as well as to nominate a paper for consideration for the 2015 Annual Meeting, click here.

2014 Herbert Heneman Jr. Career Achievement Award
Ed Lawler
Recipient: Ed Lawler (Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California)
(left to right): Ed Lawler and David Allen, Past Chair-HR Division

2014 Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award
Robert C. Liden
Recipient: Robert C. Liden (University of Illinois-Chicago)
(left to right): Robert C. Liden and David Allen, Past Chair-HR Division

2014 Early Career Achievement Award
Recipient: In-Sue-Oh (Temple University)
(left to right): In-Sue-Oh and Wendy Boswell (Texas A&M)


2014 Scholarly Achievement Award
Tim Jessica Ryan Lauren and Eean
Recipients: Timothy A. Judge (University of Notre Dame), Jessica B. Rodell (University of Georgia), Ryan L. Klinger (Old Dominion University), Lauren S. Simon (Portland State University), & Eean R. Crawford (University of Iowa)
(left to right): Lauren S. Simon, Jessica B. Rodell, Eean R. Crawford, and Patrick Wright (University of South Carolina)

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