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Social Issues in Management

The SIM Division of the Academy of Management represents a group of scholars committed to exploring the social, ethical, public policy, ecological, and international environments influencing and influenced by organizations. Our collegial community supports the development of long lasting research partnerships and friendships among a diverse group of individuals. We welcome scholars from all disciplines who share our interest in social issues. Our research, teaching, and practice encompasses: the Social Environment (which includes topics such as corporate social responsibility, corporate philanthropy, stakeholder management, and corporate social performance); the Ethical Environment (which includes topics such as corporate codes of ethics, corporate crime, individual ethical behavior, the influence of the organization on ethical conduct, ethical implications of technology, and the assessment of personal values and corporate culture); the Public Policy Environment (which includes topics such as political action committees, and the legal and regulatory areas); the Ecological Environment (which includes topics such as environmental management and various ecological issues); the Stakeholder environment (which includes topics such as the impact of corporate use of technology, workplace diversity, corporate governance, and public affairs management) and the International Environment (which includes international dimensions of topics in each of the previously mentioned environments, plus the topic of how the nation/state system affects international organizations).

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