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2014 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

The 2014 Academy of Management Annual Meeting is the premier conference for more than 10,000 students, academics, scholars, and professionals in the scholarly management and organization space. The 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management will be held August 1-5, 2014, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The program theme is The Power of Words. The 2014 Theme encourages us to consider the effect of words – our words and others’ -- on individuals, teams, organizations nations or even global systems. Words -- in the broad way I am using the term here -- can take the form of spoken utterances, written text, or symbols (e.g., “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” to convey a message of approval versus disapproval, respectively; emoticons used in text-messages to convey emotions; graphs of growing or declining performance-outcomes).

2014 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
Date(s): August 1, 2014 - August 5, 2014
Contact: Academy of Management
Phone: +1 (914) 923-2607
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

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