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How do I change or add an additional division or interest group to my profile?

Question: How do I change or add an additional division or interest group to my profile? 


Changes to division selections are most easily made at the time of your annual membership renewal. If you wish to make changes in the middle of your membership year, please complete the Division Change Request Form and fax it to +1(914) 326-1900. Changes requested may fall into one of two categories:

1. NO FEE INVOLVED: You may exchange one current complimentary division/interest group for a new complimentary selection.

2. FEE INVOLVED: You may add a division/interest group in addition to your existing complimentary division/interest group selections for a fee. ($11.00 USD per division;  $7.00 USD per interest group). Payment must be provided with the request in order to complete the addition(s). Fees for additional divisions/interest groups that are processed outside of the member's usual renewal period are not pro-rated.

If you are paying a fee to add a division/interest group, you can pay by check or credit card. If you are paying by check, include the Division Change Request Form with your check and mail it to the Academy offices at P.O. Box 3020, Briarcliff Manor, NY  10510.  If you are providing credit information, please fax the Division Change Request Form and credit card information to our secure line at +1(914) 326-1900.


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