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2013 Annual Meeting Best Paper Awards

The Carolyn Dexter and William H. Newman Awards are partially selected by a specific submission process and dedicated award committees. Each paper is self-nominated through the Academy's abstract submission entry portal to the division or interest group of their choice. Each of the twenty-four divisions or interest group program chairs then nominates one paper to the respective award committee. From this pool, the committees formally review and select recipients for the awards.




The Carolyn Dexter Award is an all-Academy award given to the paper that best meets the objective of internationalizing the Academy of Management. This serves the mission of the Academy and the charge of the International Theme Committee, which sponsors this Award.

Led by Committee Co-Chairs Adela J. Mc Murray and Claire A. Simmers, the Dexter Award Committee members, including: (Giovanni) Battista Dagnino, Eric Yanfei Zhao, Silvia Dorado-Banacloche, evaluated the submissions with careful attention to ensure that the theme and content of the paper reflected an awareness of business and management outside domestic boundaries.

Papers are considered for the Carolyn Dexter Award if they offer new insights, are rich in observation, and employ creative methodologies. Submissions are welcomed of topics or methods that are not in the U.S. mainstream, but are important in other countries' research traditions and are of excellent quality in accord with the criteria of these traditions.

The 2013 Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Award was presented to:

Open Strategy between Crowd and Community:
 Lessons from Wikimedia and Creative Commons
Leonhard Dobusch and Jakob Kapeller

Dobusch Kapeller

Honorable mention goes to the following finalists for the 2013Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Award:

  • Effect of Hospital Referral Networks on Appropriateness of Hospitalization Decisions: A HLM Analysis
     Daniele Mascia, Federica Angeli and Fausto Di Vincenzo
  • Does Meditation Improve Emotional Intelligence of Senior Managers? Findings from a Study in London
     Tanmika Tamwatin,  Vlatka Hlupic and A. D. Amar
  • The Interpretive Work of Offshore Professionals in Intercultural Collaborations
    Sharon Koppman, Elisa Mattarelli and Amar Gupta


The Academy of Management's William H. Newman Award recognizes the best annual meeting paper based on a dissertation.  The award is presented to single-authored papers based on a doctoral dissertation completed within the past three years.  AOM Divisions nominate one annual meeting submission for this prestigious award each year

The Newman award recognizes outstanding papers that make a substantive contribution to knowledge based on rigorous and creative designs.

Led by Committee Chair Heli Wang, the Newman Award Committee members, including: Blake Ashforth, Helena Barnard, Alan Meyer, Joanne Oxley, and Riki Takeuchi, evaluated the submissions according to the following criteria:

Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Award Criteria:

  • The paper addresses a significant organizational phenomenon and shows appropriate consideration of relevant theoretical and empirical literature
  • The author offers reasonable interpretations of the research results, draws appropriate inferences about the theoretical and applied implications of the results, and suggests promising directions for future research
  • The research is presented logically, succinctly, and clearly and yields information that is both practically and theoretically relevant and important

The 2013 William H. Newman Award for Outstanding Paper Based on a Dissertation was presented to:

The Impact of Weather on Imitation:
 A Grounded Cognition Perspective 
Richard Chan


The following papers were selected as finalists for the 2013 William H. Newman Award:

  • Seeing Past the Orange: An Inductive Investigation of Organizational Respect in a Prison Context
    Kristie M. Rogers
  • Organizing for High Generativity: Unraveling the Nature of Internet-Based Generative Collectives
    Wietske Van Osch

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