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Career Achievement Awards

 2016 CAA

DEADLINE: MAY 31, 2016

 Each year, the Academy of Management recognizes four outstanding individuals, who have made significant contributions to the field of management through their service, research, innovative teaching methods, breakthrough developments, and more over the course of their career. The 2016 Career Achievement Awards will be presented at the 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Anaheim, California.

Call for Nominations:

  • Distinguished Educator Award 
  • Distinguished Scholar-Practitioner Award 
  • Distinguished Service Award 
  • Distinguished Award for Scholarly Contributions to Management 

 Nomination Guidelines

Nominations for the 2016 Career Achievement Awards are currently being accepted. To nominate an outstanding individual for one of these distinguished awards, please review the guidelines below and submit your nomination via email to the Career Achievement Awards Committee Chair, at

  • Preparing a nomination package:
    • Review the award criteria (listed below).
    • Notify the nominee. The recipient will be recognized at the General Session at the Annual Meeting. As such, please verify that the nominee is aware of your nomination, and, should he or she be selected, has agreed to attend the 2016 meeting to accept the award in person.
  • Submitting a nomination package:
    • All completed nomination packages must be received by the deadline to be considered for the 2016 Career Achievement Awards.
    • The nomination package should include the following:
      • A letter of recommendation [no more than two pages] to the committee chair that specifically describes the person’s accomplishments in relation to the award criteria. The letter should clearly identify the award the person is being nominated for, and justify why the person deserves the award.
      • We encourage up to three [no more than three] letters of support for inclusion in the nomination package.
      • A resume, CV or brief bio for the nominee (can be pulled from faculty webpage or other online source).
  • Additional notes:
    • Renewable nominations. Nominations may be considered for future awards.  During submission, please indicate whether you would like the nomination package to be “rolled over” and considered by future award committees, if not selected for one for the 2016 awards.
    • Award Eligibility.  Recent recipients of the Career Achievement Awards (any of the four distinguished awards, within the last 5 years) are not eligible for consideration for the awards. Nominations received for a recent award recipient will be automatically rolled over to the nearest year of eligibility.
    • Additional Information. The committee may follow up to request additional information from the nominator and/or nominee during the selection process.
    • Notification. Selected award recipients will be notified by July 15, 2016. Award recipients may be asked to provide 1-4 image files (head shots, etc.) for promotional use and recognition.

All nominations must be submitted to the 2016 Career Achievement Awards Committee by MAY 31, 2016.  Due to the volume of submissions for each award, only those selected for the award may be contacted with the results prior to the presentation of the award at the Annual Meeting.  Results of the 2016 Career Achievement Awards will be determined by July 15, 2016.

Book Award 

Award Criteria


Distinguished Educator Award

Over the course of a career, award recipient has made significant contributions in one or more of the following areas:

  • Developing doctoral students
  • Teaching effectively
  • Fostering pedagogical innovations
  • Developing effective methods, structure, and designs

Distinguished Service Award

Over the course of a career, award recipient has made significant contributions in one or more of the following areas:

  • Enhancing a field of study
  • Founding or creatively editing a scholarly journal
  • Unusually effective service to a major professional institution

Distinguished Scholar-Practitioner Award

Over the course of a career, award recipient has made significant contributions in one or more of the following areas:

  • Successful application of theory or research in practice and/or contributed to knowledge through extraction of learning from practice
  • Authored scholarly works which have substantively affected the practice of management
  • Integration of research and practice
  • Their work will be respected by peers (both practitioner and academic) 

Distinguished Scholarly Contributions to Management Award

Over the course of a career, award recipient has made significant contributions in one or more of the following areas:

  • Conceptual, empirical, or theoretical developments
  • Creating and disseminating new knowledge
  • Advancing management knowledge and practice

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