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Stop the weather reports!(1)

This case is based on an organizational change situation at “New Power Corporation” (pseudonym), a large energy company in the United States. The role that the students are taking in this case is the consultant, who was asked to facilitate the recent organizational change and subsequent restructuring. The people involved in the case are: 3 vice-presidents (Art, Anna, and Marvin), the Director of Emergency Planning (Natasha), and the Emergency Planning Administrative Associate/”weather guy” (Joe). As illustrated in the video clips, the organizational change has created some tensions within the organization and have manifested themselves in different ways. The company needs weather reports because extreme weather conditions need to be anticipated in order to have personnel ready to respond to emergencies such as outages. The weather reports are a large part of the tension because the company switched to a contracted report for liability reasons but the VPs continued to ask Joe to compile his weather report for them. The discussion questions are meant to help students diagnose the tensions and it is up to the students to devise creative ways to advise the Director of Emergency Planning.

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