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Reflection on Volunteerism from the Conflict Management Division

January 30, 2015

CM-Michael-GrossVolunteerism is the theme for the January 2015 issue of AcadeMY News. Volunteering contributes to the collegial and intellectual community of the Academy. More specifically for our Conflict Management Division, volunteering contributes to the culture of our division and fosters a sense of shared values and belongingness within the Academy.

The Conflict Management Division creates a space for career lasting friendships with a unique capacity for intellectual growth, scholarship, and an eclectic set of interests under our broad domain. Several years ago I volunteered to be the division's web manager. I had no experience managing a web page. I served as a volunteer in that role for 3 years. During that time I had the opportunity to interact with many brilliant scholars. The experience of working as the web manager for the division made me a better scholar, a better researcher and a better colleague. I was able to expand my intellectual interest and understand for studying conflict, produced better research contributions, and create and maintain more satisfying and collegial relationships within our division. Volunteering adds a dimension to your academic life that has meaning and professional growth while you contribute to your academic community.

If you are thinking about volunteering consider reviewing for the Academy conference in Vancouver in 2015. Sign up now to review for the Conflict Management division, and you will receive your review assignments in January 2015. The benefit of your time reviewing is that it gives you a snapshot of cutting edge work in progress and brings you in the intellectual conversation within our division. The work that is submitted to our division is amazing, brilliant and eloquent.

>> Reflection on Volunteerism from the Conflict Management Division

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