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Below is the latest news from the Academy of Management.

7/22/2014About to ask the boss for a raise? Do it when hungry, study suggests 
7/14/2014Women and minority corporate executives are penalized for fostering diversity, study finds 
6/5/2014Job seekers: Be wary of interviewers in a selling mode, study suggests 
5/15/2014Leadership is neither a matter of rank nor a solo affair, study finds 
3/26/2014The Dubai business-school bubble: Portent of things to come? 
3/12/2014Global campaign to combat climate change has become too complex to manage, study suggests 
3/4/2014Hide knowledge from co-workers? It just doesn't pay, study finds 
2/4/2014Higher status means lower performance when careers go into reverse, study finds 
1/21/2014Employee retaliation against abusive bosses stems from lack of self-control and likelihood of getting away with it, study finds 
1/2/2014Diversity downside: conflict between co-workers of different cultures plays havoc with creativity of those around them, new research finds 
12/2/2013CEOs lack belief in their own corporate acquisitions, study suggests 
11/6/2013Advice to Career Beginners: The Basics of Company Power Haven’t Changed as Much as You May Think 
9/30/2013Does power foster effective leadership? Study suggests not 
9/17/2013Women and minority corporate directors are stymied by mentoring gap, study finds 
8/15/2013Flexibility in looking for a job is not all it's cracked up to be, new research cautions 
8/15/2013Second opinions worsen conflicts of interest, study finds 
8/15/2013Corporate CEOs who apologize to customers by video had better feel sorry -- or they’ll end up sorry, study finds 
8/15/2013Masculine work environments encourage women to flirt – but also exact a stiff price for it, study finds 
6/24/2013Self-employment dims chance of landing a company job, study finds 
5/16/2013Bosses who help employees with emotional problems expect gratitude that typically never arrives, study finds 
4/22/2013For worker creativity, it helps to think negative, new research finds 
4/1/2013No Simple Matter: Stock options' influence on CEOs’ risk-taking pits their current gains against prospective gains 
2/1/2013Catfights and queen bees in the workplace? Much ado about nothing, new study suggests 
1/1/2013Women are a lot more sensitive than men to the ratings they receive from co-workers, study suggests 
1/1/2013Worker satisfaction boosts future returns on companies’ stocks, but Wall Street has been slow to catch on, new research finds 
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