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Call for Special Issue Proposals

Academy of Management Discoveries is inviting proposals for special issues that call for the empirical exploration of a topic or issue that is poorly understood and is important for advancing our understanding of management and organizations. Special issue proposals can focus on any topic or issue that is consistent with AMD's mission of surfacing emergent or poorly-understood phenomena, diagnosing anomalies and discrepant findings, and using data to expose and narrow the range of plausible explanations for surprising patterns of relations. AMD is a “big tent” journal open to empirical studies at the pre-theory or nascent stage of knowledge development from all areas and divisions of management without prejudice to any particular philosophy, discipline, method, or level of analysis. Proposals should clearly indicate: (a) how the topic they select will benefit from research grounded on empirical abduction or induction, and (b) is of relevance to researchers focusing on the micro, meso and macro levels of analysis.

Proposals are due on March 1, 2019 and will be competitively evaluated by the journal’s senior editorial team. To facilitate achieving AMD's mission and policies, special issue guest editors are advised to include one member from the standing AMD editorial team. Please contact an AMD editor with any questions.

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