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Changes in Volume 11

New Changes for Volume 11, Issue 1

The Academy of Management is pleased to announce the release of the Academy of Management Annals, Volume 11, Issue 1. This marks an important milestone in the publications of AOM Annals, as this first issue signifies some significant changes to the publication, including:

Change in Publisher

The Academy of Management is now the Publisher of AOM Annals, this is an important change from the Academy’s previous publishing relationship with the Taylor & Francis group.

New Website

AOM has launched a completely new Annals website (, allowing for a seamless integration with the other AOM journal sites, as well as enhanced search functionality, multi-media capability, and much more.

Frequency Change

AOM Annals, has now moved to two issues per year. Volume 11, Issue 1 will be published in Jan, with Volume 11, Issue 2 coming in July/August of 2017.


Along with the change in publisher, frequency, and the new website, Annals underwent a dramatic re-design to bring it in line with the other AOM journal titles. Please feel free to explore everything the new Annals publication has to offer by visiting:

Subscriber Information

If your institution previously subscribed to the Academy of Management Annals through license agreement with Taylor & Francis and you have not received renewal information, or you would like to start a licensed subscription to Annals, please contact us using the information below:

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