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 The Academy of Management Review (AMR) is ranked among the top five most influential and frequently cited management and business journals. AMR is a theory development journal that publishes the highest quality conceptual work being done in the field. Articles challenge conventional wisdom concerning all aspects of organizations and their role in society, and provides new theoretical insights.


Published quarterly in January, April, July and October.



Impact Factor: 7.288
5-Year Impact Factor
: 12.453                                                                                
#2 of 192 journals in the category of "Management." 
#1 of 120 journals in the category of "Business."
*2015 Journal Citation Reports
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  • Reviewer Resources

    Reviewer resources offer guidelines for reviewers, sample reviews written by editors, extended guidelines, and instructions on how to submit your review to the journal. These resources may be found here.

  • Outstanding Reviewers


    Developmental Reviewer of the Year Award

    The Academy of Management Review Developmental Reviewer of the Year Award recognizes the board member whose reviews exemplify our developmental mission.

    Craig Crossland

    Matt Bloom
    Emily Heaphy


    Outstanding Reviewers

    Each year, the Editors recognize reviewers who excel in their work. The awards are announced at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Past winners include:

    2016 (2015/2016)

    Marne Arthaud-Day, Kansas State University
    Matt Bloom, University of Notre Dame
    Jonathan Bundy, Pennsylvania State University
    Stephen Courtright, Texas A&M University
    Craig Crossland, University of Notre Dame
    Erik Dane, Rice University
    Greg Fisher, Indiana University
    Patrick Haack, University of Lausanne
    Tobias Hahn, KEDGE Business School
    Emily Heaphy, University of Rhode Island
    Jan Heide, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Glen Kreiner, Pennsylvania State University
    Elizabeth Ravlin, University of South Carolina
    Kristin Smith-Crowe, Boston University
    Heather Vough, University of Cincinnati

    2015 (2014/2015)

    John Amis, University of Edinburgh
    Blake Ashforth, Arizona State University
    Marya Besharov, Cornell University
    Jonathan Bundy, Pennsylvania State University
    Craig Crossland, University of Notre Dame
    Bill Foster, University of Alberta
    Mark Healey, University of Manchester
    Jan B. Heide, University of Wisconsin at Madison
    Stefan Jonsson, Uppsala University
    Candace Jones, Boston College
    Ryan Quinn, University of Louisville
    Hettie Richardson, Texas Christian University
    Metin Sengul, Boston College
    Wendy Smith, University of [more...]

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