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Asia Academy of Management (AAM) PDW Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

PDW Chair: Li-Qun WeiSchool of Business, Hong Kong Baptist

The Asia Academy of Management (AAM) invites scholars interested in relevant business and management issues, in organizations in Asia to submit thought provoking proposals for its Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) at the Academy of Management 2020 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) provide a platform for scholars to share their knowledge and expertise and to foster the professional development of the participants attending the PDWs. The PDWs provide an opportunity to develop pioneering and innovative workshops that will benefit the Academy members.

The mission of the Asia Academy is to assume a global leadership position in the advancement of management theory, research and education of relevance to Asia. It is a global organization that welcomes researchers and practitioners who are interested in management issues relevant to Asia.

The AOM2020 meeting is of great interest to us as it focuses on the theme of "20/20: Broadening Our Sight". In this 'century of Asia', in which tremendous attention has been attracted, organizations from all over the world, are engaging in developing businesses in or related to this area. Opportunities are accompanied with challenges in multiple facets including social-cultural, political, and economical.  Typical challenges such as rapid population ageing, sustainable development, health & well-being, and empowering youth are being aware of, raised and discussed among not only business scholars but also business leaders. An even larger group of stakeholders are concerned with these issues too. With the deepening of globalization, increasing number of business practitioners as well as scholars divert their attentions to these and more emerging issues in Asia. The paramount amount of interactions between countries and among organizations call us to consider out-of-box and take both short- and long- term view. A broadened mindset is critical as well to business people who are competing in the current highly turbulent and competitive business world; and in this aspect, there are something to learn from Asia.

The Asia Academy of Management invites and encourages scholars to submit proposals for PDWs and symposia on the Academy of Management 2020 conference theme and the related areas. We suggest some topics which requires greater scholarly discourse below:

  • How can our impact, if any, on both internal (i.e., other academics) and external (i.e., practitioners, policy makers) stakeholders be realized?
  • Any useful lessons from organizations of Asian countries, in terms of the topic of “how firms embrace sustainability and financial performance”?
  • How can we value different types of publications that target internal (e.g., other researchers) and external (i.e., practitioners) stakeholders? Do the extent of value differ across countries in Asia?
  • Is there a convergence across different domains to tackle common theoretical and practical problems, and to what extent such convergence happen distinctively in various Asian countries?
  • Is there an Asian approach that integrate qualitative/quantitative and micro/macro methodologies, theories, and domains?
  • Is there any unique issue emerging in Asian countries, related to the “balance of scientific rigor with the demands for quick publications”?

The issues listed above are representative examples. We invite and encourage you to be creative & forward-looking, proposing new ideas relevant to Asian management. Such academic activities could comprise:

  1. Panel sessions
  2. Developmental workshops for junior faculty and doctoral students
  3. Round table discussions on specific research areas/topics
  4. Feedback on preliminary research ideas by experienced journal reviewers
  5. Any other creative forms of scholarly activities

Any proposals for sessions organized in collaboration with other divisions, associated or affiliated societies of the Academy of Management will also be highly appreciated.

The deadline for proposal submissions is Tuesday, 14 January 2020 at 5:00PM ET (NY Time). Please submit your proposal through the online Submission Center. You are welcome to connect with Professor Li-Qun Wei (email: for enquires and if needed, coordination before you submit your final proposal.

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