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Careers (CAR) PDW Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions




PDW Chair: Jos Akkermans, Vrije Universiteit;   



The Careers Division has a strong track record of innovative, provocative, and inspiring Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) and we would like to continue this trend for the upcoming 2019 Academy of Management meeting in Boston, MA. To achieve this goal, we would very much like to encourage you to submit proposals for PDW sessions. The PDW program for 2019 will take place on Friday August 9th and Saturday August 10th, both between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

The ultimate aim of PDW sessions is to engage in learning with each other, for example through a focus on content, methodology, or personal development. To this end, successful PDW sessions are typically highly interactive in the sense that they offer dialogue and discussion. In addition, the most successful workshops have been innovative and provocative, touching on topics and approaches that offer potential new insights in the field of Career studies. Moreover, as CAR is the AOM division devoted to both the study of careers and career development, we encourage proposals intended to support the career growth and success of Academy members, within and outside of the CAR division, and in traditional academic career paths as well as non-traditional career pursuits outside of academia.

Suggested topics for CAR PDW sessions include, but are certainly not limited to: supporting career development of Academy members across career stages, incorporating innovative ways of data collection and analysis in career studies, exploring strategies for linking career studies with other disciplines (e.g., OB, HR, ENT) to enhance academic and practical impact, finding ways to get published in high-profile journals, and connecting career scholarship and practice. PDW sessions can also focus on a specific theme, such as career success, career transitions, work-life balance, etc. Please do keep in mind that PDW sessions are not symposia, implying that an interactive format focused on participant learning should be central to the workshop.

The format for PDW sessions is highly flexible. Examples from recent years include paper development workshops, panel debates, round table discussions, and statistical analysis tutorials. However, these are just examples and other forms are possible and encouraged. These workshops lend themselves well to innovation and experimentation and as such, we welcome new ideas and formats that support the active engagement in the learning process of participants. Please also take note of the AOM 2019 theme "Understanding the Inclusive Organization", which might provide some extra inspiration for an impactful and inspiring PDW.

We are looking forward to receiving your ideas for PDW sessions in the 2019 CAR PDW program! If you would have any questions or want to discuss potential workshop ideas, please contact the CAR Division PDW chair, Jos Akkermans, at  

Finally, some practical issues. Please note that all proposals should be submitted using the online submission system. The submission system opens late November 2018. The submission deadline is Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time) but earlier submissions are encouraged. Note that there is limited space on the PDW program and we cannot guarantee that all proposals will be accepted.


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