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Conflict Management (CM) Call for Submissions

 Call for Submissions 

Program Chair: Jen Overbeck, Melbourne Business School;

The Conflict Management Division welcomes submissions for the 2019 Academy of Management meetings in Boston, MA. We are keen to receive submissions that relate to this year’s conference theme, Understanding the Inclusive Organization. The 2019 conference theme embraces a notion of inclusivity encompassing cognitive, linguistic, ideological, economic, and other diversity, proposing that valuing individuals regardless of their social categories or status can create more opportunity, more alignment, and fuller functioning. This theme offers boundless resonance with conflict management research, and we encourage creativity in incorporating this theme into submissions. For example, submissions may explore the ways in which conflict resolution and related phenomena are affected by diversity or by organizational inclusion (or exclusion). The theme firmly implies concerns of societal inequalities and injustices; how might conflict scholarship help to resolve these concerns and thereby help to improve opportunity and capacity for a broader segment of society? How do organizational, team, or leadership diversity features and practices affect the functionality or dysfunction of conflicts? How is organizational justice implicated in and constituted by inclusive practice? We encourage you to reflect on the many ways in which the theme ‘Understanding the Inclusive Organization’ may be incorporated into your conflict management scholarship. 

The Conflict Management Division (CM) covers several domains of inquiry including: 1. the nature and management of conflicts at the individual, group, organizational, inter-organizational and societal level; 2. power processes, such as influence, coalitions, coercion, deterrence, and persuasion; 3. bargaining and negotiation processes, including negotiator characteristics and behavior; 4. collaboration and competition; 5. third party interventions, such as facilitation, arbitration, and mediation; and, 6. organizational justice and dispute resolution procedures. Major topics include investigations of these issues in a wide variety of contexts including team interactions, inter-cultural relations, organizational diversity, labor relations, workplace disputes, community conflict, and public policy development. 

Special Instructions: CM welcomes empirical and conceptual papers, as well as proposals for symposia (including panel discussions, debates, and roundtables) and workshops. We are also open to new and innovative formats for the presentation of research during the scholarly program. You should feel free to submit ideas for such formats if you do not see what you are looking for in the above list. Be sure to submit your ideas for PDWs; this program will run on Friday, August 9 and Saturday, August 10, 2019, from 8am-8pm. The Scholarly Program will run from Sunday, August 11 through Tuesday, August 13. We hope you can join us for the whole program.

The submission System opens in late November 2018 and the submission deadline is Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM ET (New York Time). Please don’t wait until the last minute—submit as early as you can!

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