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Human Resource (HR) Call for Submissions

 Call for Submissions 


Program Chair: Anthony Nyberg, University of South Carolina;

Dates of Scholarly Program: Sunday, August 11 through Tuesday, August 13

Specific Domain

The Human Resources Division is dedicated to understanding, identifying, and improving the effectiveness of HR practices to facilitate organizational competitiveness nationally or internationally, encourage individual growth and development, and enhance individual performance, work-related attitudes, and well-being. The Division emphasizes the study of human capital and HR management practices at the individual, group, organizational, societal, and cross-cultural levels of analysis and their impact on outcomes critical to the organization, its employees and their representatives, and all its stakeholders (whether future, present, or past). Major topics include a broad spectrum of issues pertaining to the recruitment, selection, allocation, development, utilization, evaluation, compensation, and retention of people as resources in work organizations and pertaining to the employment relationship.

Special Instructions
The HR Division encourages both empirical and theoretical submissions. Furthermore, we encourage submissions that are consistent with the Division's on-going interest in research that bridges the science/practice gap, addresses any of the above HR related topics or international HR issues, and/or concerns the conference theme for 2019: "Understanding the Inclusive Organization". Inclusive organizations are open systems of opportunity in which all stakeholders have access to information, resources, and the capacity to fully contribute to their functioning. This year's conference theme explores such issues as the characteristics of inclusive organizations and their generalizability across cultures; inclusive organizations vs porous or boundaryless organizations; inclusive practice; effects of inclusion on employee, organizational, or societal outcomes; the role of organizational structures, institutional or societal contexts, cultures, and/or identities on organizational inclusiveness; the different meaning and import of inclusion across stakeholder groups; methodologies used to study inclusive organizations; creating more inclusive learning environments. HR scholars should be well-positioned to examine how human resource-related strategy, policies, and processes might influence inclusive organizations. We encourage submitters of scholarly papers and symposia to consider, yet not be bound by, this year's conference theme. Please see more details about the theme at:

In preparing their papers, we also encourage authors to consider including a few example discussion questions that could be asked of audience members, should the paper be accepted for presentation. This could appear in the Discussion section of the paper.

Paper and Symposia Submissions


Both Scholarly Papers and Symposium submissions will be considered for the Scholarly Program. Details of the requirements for each session type (paper versus symposium) are outlined in the  Scholarly Submission Guidelines. Keep in mind that developing and submitting symposia (including panel discussions) with broad appeal to 3 divisions increases the chance of having your symposium accepted. When submitting your paper, please also remember to sign up to review for the HR Division.

Submission Process

Submissions for the HR Division Scholarly Program for 2019 should be through the AOM submission system. The submission system will open late November 2018. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time). Earlier submissions are encouraged. Note that there is limited space on the scholarly program; consequently, not all submissions will be accepted.

Division Awards


Awards include: Scholarly Achievement Award, Innovative Teaching Award, Early Career Achievement Award, Best Dissertation Award, International HRM Scholarly Research Award, Best Convention Paper Award, Thomas A. Mahoney Mentoring Award, Best Student Convention Paper Award, Herbert Heneman Jr. Career Achievement Award, SHRM Foundation Dissertation Grants Award, Distinguished HR Executive Award, and Employee Participation and Ownership Award.
More details on the eligibility criteria and the nomination process can be found on the HR Division website:


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