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Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Call for Submissions

 Call for Submissions 

Program Chair: Jeffrey York, University of Colorado, Boulder;

Specific ONE Domain: The ONE division is devoted to research - theory, methods, empirics, and practice - regarding relationships of organizations to the natural environment. Major topics include: corporate sustainability, environmental strategies and performance, sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, sustainable business models, industrial ecology and the circular economy, green human resource management and organizational behaviour, environmental reporting and carbon disclosure, environmental leadership, green marketing and sustainable consumption, environmental stakeholders and social movements, corporate environmental politics, environmental attitudes and decision making, and international or comparative dimensions of these topics. As the natural environment is integral in all individual, organizational and societal activity, the division encourages holistic, integrative, and interdisciplinary analysis. It promotes joint exploration of these topics with all other disciplines present in the Academy.  

Special Instructions: The ONE division invites papers and symposia that address all aspects of the relationship between organizations and the natural environment. The ONE division should be able to contribute significantly to the 2019 AOM theme of "Understanding the Inclusive Organization"The ONE division is particularly well suited to contributing to a program focused on inclusivity. In the Academy's announcement of the 2019 theme, a number of elements are directly relevant to the ONE division.

The development of inclusive business approaches is a key goal for sustainable economic growth, as indicated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Group of Twenty (G20), and other global organizations. In addition, countless organizations in both developed and developing nations, as well as across public and private sectors, call for practices and policies that drive the empowerment and contributions of all. Still, our knowledge of such approaches are relatively nascent, as the creation, operation, and consequence of inclusive organizations remain elusive to both scholars and practitioners.

Consideration of all stakeholders is a central theme to the ONE division. Our scholarly community has an opportunity to explore the context, structures, and processes that lead to inclusiveness of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas regarding the natural environment. We can look at how organizations facilitate differing perspectives between those most impacted by environmental degradation, managers and employees, and policy makers. We can consider how inclusiveness can facilitate practices that improve ecological outcomes, or how a lack of inclusive practices can exaggerate the harm done to both human and ecological communities. Further, we are well positioned to understand how and when diverse perspectives can be generative, or lead to grid-lock in considering the broader, non-economic impacts of business activists.

The ONE division encourages paper and symposium submissions that reflect on the question of how organizations help to improve health and well-being in society and our planet through inclusivity. Joint symposium proposals are welcome, as the theme of inclusive organizations draws on multi-disciplinary approaches across other Academy divisions and interest groups.

As well as the Call for Submissions, the ONE division also makes a Call for Reviewers. If you plan to submit a paper, please also plan to review.

The submission website is:

  • The submission system late November 2018. The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2019at5:00 PM ET (NY Time)

ONE Division Awards: The ONE division offers multiple awards (see Awards section of our website).

The Program Chair and Team selects the awards for the Best Paper and the Best Unorthodox Paper awards, as well as Best Reviewer Awards.

In addition, the ONE division puts forward papers eligible for Academy awards, such as the William H Newman Award for an outstanding single-authored paper from a dissertation and the Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Award. Please indicate eligibility for these awards when submitting your paper in the system (see Orientation and Awards section in the submission guidelines for more details).

Please pay particular attention to all of the submission guidelines. The Program Chairs have agreed to apply them rigorously and reject non-conforming papers.

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