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Research Methods (RM) PDW Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions



PDW Chair:  Dan Beal, Virginia Tech;


2019 Professional Development Workshops: Call for Proposals


The Research Methods Division (RM) invites submissions for professional development workshops (PDWs) at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. PDW sessions will be held between 8:00am Friday, August 9th and 8:00pm Saturday, August 10th, 2019. RM’s goal is to provide developmental workshops that will attract not only members of RM but also members from throughout the Academy. As such, we are seeking sessions that include workshops introducing researchers to specific quantitative or qualitative methods, best practice workshops for methods that are becoming increasingly relied upon, or advanced workshops that appeal to methodological experts. These workshops can take many forms (e.g., tutorials, town hall meetings, breakout sessions, debates, roundtables, or research incubators), as long as they have a clear interactive component and advance the development of Academy members by discussing currently used or state-of-the-art research methods. With this purpose in mind, we also seek submissions that can be co-sponsored by other divisions. Although it is not a requirement, we encourage you to consider the conference theme – Understanding the Inclusive Organization.


RM is looking for quantitative and qualitative methodology PDWs that are relevant for micro, macro, meso, or multi-level applications and can best meet expectations to be interactive, inclusive, innovative, informative, integrative, developmental, and/or challenging. Potential PDW topics include, but are not limited to: “big data” approaches, biometric data collection, construct development, discourse analysis, endogeneity, experimental methods, experience sampling, latent profile analysis, latent change scores, longitudinal design/analysis, meta-analysis, missing data, mixed methods, multilevel modeling, network analysis, neuroinformatics, observational/unobtrusive techniques, panel data, polynomial regression, qualitative coding techniques or software, qualitative interviews, sociometric badges, simulation study methods, and advanced structural equation modeling techniques.


RM will consider PDW sessions that have been popular at prior meetings, but we also seek new proposals. Preference will be given to sessions that will last less than or equal to two hours (with the minimum requested being 1.5 hours), and submitters should be willing to adhere to the time allotment that is awarded. Also, PDW submissions that are clearly research-focused rather than developmental may be better suited for submission to the scholarly program as a symposium.


As a reminder, RM has a recent alternative symposium format for the scholarly program called an Instructional Symposium. These are developmental “how to” sessions with an objective similar to the PDWs. We welcome submissions to this format in lieu of a PDW submission.


PDW submissions should be made through the Academy's submission system website. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at 5pm ET (NY Time). You are welcome to discuss potential PDWs with the PDW Chair, Dan Beal, at before submitting your proposal.



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