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Global trends, such as population growth, increased migration, and prolonged life expectancies, have produced compositional changes in workforces that make the creation of inclusive organizations important for engaging all employees. Yet other trends, such as continued technological advances and growing gig economy, call into question traditional notions of employment and thus, the maintenance of such organizations. These trends highlight the heterogeneity of workforces, as well as challenges around people’s sense of belonging and their ability to fully participate in organizations. Learn more... 

 QRQuinetta M. Roberson
Villanova University
AOM Vice President & Program Chair

Herman AguinisHerman Aguinis
The George Washington University Business School
AOM Vice President-Elect & Program Chair-Elect

We will be gathering in Boston for the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in August 2019. Since 1951, the first time our AOM Annual Meeting was held in Boston, the world has experienced critical advances and challenges while characterized by greater complexity and multiplicity. Now, more than ever, we need scholars and practitioners who can navigate and make sense of these tensions by thinking in broad and integrative ways. Thus, as we prepare for our Annual Meeting in 2019, let us imaginatively and importantly use our capabilities and voices to examine management and organizations questions that advance our understanding of the inclusive organization.

The Division and Committee Program and PDW Chairs are excited to develop an intellectually vibrant program for 2019 and invite you to submit your proposal to be part of that program. The submission website opens toward the end of November 2018, but the Call for Submissions is available online or for download now through the submission deadline of Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM ET. We recommend you submit early which will give you extra time to identify and resolve any problems before the system closes to new submissions. If you wait until the last minute, you are more vulnerable to errors and any submission that is not finalized or does not follow all the proper guidelines will automatically NOT be reviewed.

Conference registration and the hotel reservation system opens toward the end of February 2019. Reserve your hotel and register to attend to take advantage of reduced conference rates as you won't want to miss the Teaching and Learning Conference, the All-Academy Theme sessions on “Understanding the Inclusive Organization,” theory- and method-oriented PDWs, paper presentations, and innovative symposia, and the All-Academy Networking Breakfast & Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony on Sunday, August 11. We’ll celebrate our award-winning members and collectively anticipate the creative, provocative, and inspiring Presidential Address from Carol Kulik. The complete Program will be available online in late May for you to browse sessions, events, and activities and create a custom program.

Join us as a participant, presenter, discussant, and/or attendee and be sure to pack your walking shoes to explore America’s Walking City. We look forward to seeing you in Boston!

October 30, 2018 Call for Submissions  
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