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Strategic Project Fund 2020


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Purpose:To provide AOM’s Divisions and Interest Groups (DIGS) with an experimental opportunity to make a proposal for funding to carry out a strategic project (short or longer term) that advances the AOM’s Strategic Direction and Driving Goals.

Funding Year: 2020
2020 Funding Pool: $75k
Funding Limit Per Proposal: $10k

Proposal Submissions: 16 September to 15 November 2019

Deadline for Submission: 15 November 2019

Funding Notifications: January 2020

Who Can Apply: Proposals will be accepted from AOM’s Divisions and Interest Groups (DIGS) and members working through the DIGS.

How to Apply: Complete the proposal form and return as indicated. Proposals will be reviewed by the Division and Interest Group Strategy Committee (DISC)

Things to Know When Submitting a Strategic Project Fund Proposal

For use in helping the Project Champion/Teams prepare for submitting and executing on a Strategic Project Fund Proposal.

The Kinds of Projects We Seek

We seek strategic project proposals, short and longer term, that creatively and meaningfully advance the Academy’s Unifying Vision and Driving Goals. We seek proposals that go beyond our traditional offerings, and beyond the annual meeting, to address our collective needs.

We easily envision members at work in new and innovative ways of… Connecting members of the global management community … offering unparalleled engagement opportunities … creating indispensable services … building vibrant volunteerism, fostering interactive communities, reimagining governance … AND MORE … such as (but not limited to):

Creating indispensable services:

  • Increasing student service and combating student turnover
  • Promoting cross-division collaboration to create new member services
  • Serving a diverse global membership in tailored ways (adjuncts, practitioners, others)
  • Experimenting with new content and technologies (podcasts, webinars, videos) to deliver member value
  • Developing scholarly capability in emerging economies
  • Reimagining governance and developing strategic governing capability

Connecting and engaging members: 

  • Building member communities and virtual engagement throughout the year
  • Connecting and integrating scholars from geographies with little AOM membership (Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, parts of Asia).
  • Facilitating the development of teaching resources
  • Building reciprocal networks that connect scholars to teaching and research opportunities

Principles for Projects and Project Teams

The creativity and passion found in Strategic Project Fund proposals reflect a shared interest in building an Academy that provides ever-better member services, all year long and beyond our current offerings. Consistent with the member-service ideal, Project Teams are guided by the following principles in the execution of funded projects:

  • Projects are for the benefit of the Academy’s membership, or service to the broader field, as approved. Funding supports direct costs for strategic projects undertaken by volunteers on behalf of the Academy of Management.
  • Project teams are accountable to the Division and Interest Group Strategy Committee (DISC) and to the membership, on whose behalf they are working.
  • Project Teams incorporate the feedback of DISC, if any, into their activities.
  • Project Teams, operating under the purview of the Academy and with Academy funding, promote high quality scholarship and standards in all activities.

Transparency and fairness are paramount in all activities where members stand to gain from, or where they may be excluded from opportunities to participate.

  • Project Champion/Teams help the Academy and future members to learn from experience, by documenting the procedures for activities and reporting to DISC on progress and against metrics for success, if requested.
  • In the course of their work, Project Teams may not establish activities that obligate the Academy into the future. (Funding is for project completion in 2020 OR for steps of the project that will be completed in the calendar year 2020).

Resource Principles (Financial, Human, Technical)

The Academy responsibly manages its assets (human, technical and financial). As such, the following principles apply to the support of funded projects:

  • Funds are owned by the Academy and made available for the execution of the project and not other purposes.  Funding is not transferred to individuals, committees, Project Teams or institutions. Funds may be released through reimbursement by AOM for direct expenses with receipts, or direct payment of project obligations.
  • All funds are approved on a “not to exceed” basis. Project teams may not re-engage the process to request additional funds in the same funding year. Overdrawing the project budget is not allowed.
  • Approved funds not expended in the calendar year 2020 do not carry over to future years.

Funding Preclusions

The following activities are precluded from funding:

  • Payments to members for service
  • Contributions to or sponsorships of other organizations
  • Activities that can/should be carried out as regular business of the DIGS (awards, catering, regular travel, program time)
  • AOM membership or registration fees for current or former AOM members. Membership and registration fees paid to other organizations.

Financial Procedures

Specific financial procedures will accompany notification of funded projects.

Criteria for Evaluating Strategic Project Fund Proposals

When evaluating Strategic Project Fund proposals, the Division and Interest Group Strategy Committee (DISC) will strive to support projects that creatively and meaningfully advance, in the short and longer term, the Academy’s Unifying Vision and Driving Goals. 

Step 1. Screen for Completeness and Funding Limit

Before evaluating the specifics of a proposal, the DISC will FIRST screen the proposal to ensure that it is complete and does not exceed the funding limit per proposal (10k).

Step 2. Screen for Alignment

When screening proposals for alignment with the aims of the fund, the DISC will consider the following:

  1. The project is specific, clear, and it addresses the Unifying Vision or one or more of the Driving Goals.

 Step 3.  Evaluate for Potential Support
Proposals that pass Steps 1 and 2 are evaluated expeditiously. DISC gives more favourable evaluations to projects with these attributes:

  1. New and innovative, adding value for AOM Members beyond traditional services and the annual meeting.    
  2. Supported by data indicating a need for the project.
  3. Can be completed (in phases or fully) within the calendar year.
  4. Submitted by a Project Team that seems capable of completing the project.
  5. Carried out be a Project Team that reflects appropriate constituencies given the project.
  6. Involves members from more than one division or interest group, or other units of the AOM, as Team Members and/or as Collaborators.
  7. The action steps, metrics, budget/resource requests are realistic.
  8. The proposal contains no funding preclusions or other funding concerns.
  9. The human, technical, and other requests of the HQ are considered and vetted by HQ.
  10. The project adheres to the Fund’s principles for project champion/teams and resources.
    • Project Team incorporates DISC feedback, if applicable.
    • Project and Project Team promote high quality scholarship/standards
    • Transparency and project fairness are achievable
    • Progress is measurable and documentable for learning by others

Project does not obligate the AOM into the future.

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