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AOM Announces Editor-Elect for AMLE

Bill Foster Bill is an Associate Professor of Management at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta. His research has been published in journals and books such as Advances in Strategic Management, Journal of Management Inquiry, Team Performance Management, Organizations in Time and Journal of Business Ethics. He currently serves as an Editorial Board member for the Academy of Management Review he was a past Associate Editor for the essays section of the Journal of Management Inquiry.

Bill's primary research interests include rhetorical history, social memory studies, organizational identity and identification and business ethics. In the area of management education, he is interested in subjects such as service learning, ethics, undergraduate education and corporate universities. He has taught courses in organizational behavior, strategy, business ethics, marketing and management. His teaching style is Socratic and is focused on engaging students through various techniques such as experiential learning, service learning, case studies and classroom discussion.
Bill Foster

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