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Impact Science: 5 Academic Societies that are acing their online content strategy

02 Sep 2020
The 21st century introduced two major challenges for AOM, one of the largest publishers in the field of business and management: 1) the sheer number of publications and 2) the world was going digital. In response, AOM launched Insights, an online magazine for managers and business leaders with easy-to-read summaries that turned academic research data into actionable information.


Originally found at Impact Scienceby Audrey Fernandes.

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” said Craig Davis, the former Chief Creative officer, J. Walter Thomspon, and this is the mantra for content marketing today. Any brand, whether it’s a commercial entity or an academic society, that wishes to build, scale, and sustain itself will need to address its audiences using content.

One of the key challenges faced by scholarly societies includes effectively leveraging the rich content that they have across digital and social platforms, to attract, engage, and retain their core audiences. We will examine some interesting cases where scholarly societies have adapted their content for delivery across digital and social formats.

For instance, American Chemical Society’s podcast Stereo Chemistry is about chemistry news with a focus on the chemists behind it. In addition, they have a blog called ACS Axial which provides ideas, insights, and advice from the scientific community.

It has also been observed that academic societies like the Academy of Management and the Royal Society of Chemistry use visually appealing media and videos to engage with their authors on different social media platforms.

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