2020 Publication Awards

Each year during the Annual Meeting, the Academy of Management recognizes authors and reviewers of journal articles that were published in the previous year in each of the Academy's six journals. The selection process for the award committee for each journal is determined by the individual journal. In general, articles and reviewers selected:

  • Advance the mission of the individual publication;
  • Bring forth core ideas that are original, important, and provocative;
  • Have a clear and important contribution to the field of management;
  • Best reviewers provide timely, development reviews.

Editors create a separate advisory committee to determine and select the article(s) from the prior year as the "Best Article."


Academy of Management Discoveries

Discoveries logo


Horacio E. Rousseau, Pascual Berrone and Liliana Gelabert 
Localizing Sustainable Development Goals: Nonprofit Density and City Sustainability

AMD Horacio Rousseau

Horacio E. Rousseau

AMD Pascual Berrone

Pascual Berrone

Liliana Gelabert


  • Daniel Armanios 
  • Matthew Bidwell 
  • Xiao-Ping Chen 
  • Erik Dane 
  • Gina Dokko 
  • Avi Kluger 
  • Tammy Madsen 
  • Simon Parker 
  • Davide Ravasi 
  • Victor Seidel

Academy of Management Journal

Journal logo


Edward H. Chang, Katherine L. Milkman, Dolly Chugh, and Modupe Akinola 
Diversity Thresholds: How Social Norms, Visibility, and Scrutiny Relate to Group Composition

AMJ Edward Change

Edward H. Chang

AMJ Katherine Milkman

Katherine L. Milkman

AMJ Dolly Chugh

Dolly Chugh

Modupe Akinola

Best Article Finalists 

Henning Piezunka and Linus Dahlander 
Idea Rejected, Tie Formed: Organizations’ Feedback on Crowdsourced Ideas  

 Eliana Crosina and Michael G. Pratt 
Toward a Model of Organizational Mourning: The Case of Former Lehman Brothers Bankers


Blake E. Ashforth, Glen E. Kreiner, Mark A. Clark, and Mel Fugate (2007) 
Normalizing Dirty Work: Managerial Tactics for Countering Occupational Taint 

Impact Award Finalists 

Herminia Ibarra (1995) 
Race, Opportunity, and Diversity of Social Circles in Managerial Networks 

Andrew A. King and Michael J. Lenox (2000) 
Industry Self-Regulation without Sanctions: The Chemical Industry’s Responsible Care Program


  • Oliver Alexy 
  • Raina Brands 
  • Albert A. Cannella 
  • Brianna Caza 
  • Benjamin M. Cole
  • Daniel Gamache 
  • Amy Hillman
  • Inga Hoever 
  • Timothy D. Hubbard 
  • Tomi Laamanen
  • Matthew Lee 
  • Marie Mitchell 
  • Ann Peng
  • Trish Reay
  • Mario Schijven
  • Wenpin Tsai 
  • Maxim Voronov 
  • William Wan 
  • Ned Wellman 
  • Jing Zhu

Academy of Management Learning & Education

Learning and Education logo

AMLE Todd Bridgman

Todd Bridgman

AMLE Stephen Cummings

Stephen Cummings

AMLE John Ballard

John Ballard

Best Article Finalists 

Emily S. Block and Viva Ona Bartkus 
Learning to Serve: Delivering Partner Value Through Service-Learning Projects 

Amanda Hay and Dalvir Samra-Fredericks 
Bringing the Heart Back in: Collaborative Inquiry and the DBA


Traci Sitzmann, Katherine Ely, Kenneth G. Brown, and Kristina N. Bauer 
Self-Assessment of Knowledge: A Cognitive Learning or Affective Measure?


  • Andromachi Athanasopoulou 
  • Francois Bastien 
  • Caterina Bettin 
  • Arran Caza 
  • Cody Chullen 
  • Diego Coraiola 
  • Bill Harley
  • Florian Hoos 
  • Kurt Kraiger 
  • Dirk Lindebaum 
  • Kathy Lund Dean 
  • Patricia McLaren 
  • Sébastien Mena 
  • Katrin Muehlfeld 
  • Damian O’Doherty 
  • John Parnell 
  • Olga Ryazanova 
  • Alexander Sandvik 
  • Chad Seifried 
  • April Wright 
  • Mike Zundel


  • Sam Horner 
  • Annette Yunus-Pendrey 

Academy of Management Perspectives


AMP G. T. Lumpkin

 G. T. Lumpkin

AMP Sophie Bacq

Sophie Bacq

Best Article Finalist 

 Jonathan P. Doh, Peter Tashman and Mirko H. Benischke 
Adapting to Grand Environmental Challenges through Collective Entrepreneurship 


Peter Dacin, M. Tina Dacin and Margaret Matear 
Social Entrepreneurship: Why We Don’t Need a New Theory and How We Move Forward from Here 


  • Diane Coyle 
  • Cameron Miller  
  • Manuel Nicklich 

Academy of Management Review

Review logo


Erika V. Hall, Alison V. Hall, Adam D. Galinsky and Katherine W. Phillips 
MOSAIC: A Model of Stereotyping through Associated and Intersectional Categories

AMR Erika Hall

Erika V. Hall

AMR Alison Hall

Alison V. Hall

AMR Adam Galinsky

Adam D. Galinsky

Katherine W. Phillips
image courtesy of Twitter

Best Article Finalists 

Lisa M. Leslie, Eden B. King and Judith A. Clair 
Work-Life Ideologies: The Contextual Basis and Consequences of Beliefs about Work and Life  

Owen Parker, Ryan Krause and Cynthia E. Devers 
How Firm Reputation Shapes Managerial Discretion 

Sarah Wittman 
Lingering Identities 


J. Adam Cobb 
How Firms Shape Income Inequality: Stakeholder Power, Executive Decision Making, and the Structuring of Employment Relationships 

Managerial Practice Award Finalists 

Daniel Albert, Markus Kreutzer and Christopher Lechner 
Resolving the Paradox of Interdependency and Strategic Renewal in Activity Systems 

Thorvald Hærem, Brian T. Pentland and Kent D. Miller 
Task Complexity: Extending a Core Concept 

Sarah Harvey 
Creative Synthesis: Exploring the Process of Extraordinary Group Creativity 

Derrick McIver, Cynthia A. Lengnick-Hall, Mark L. Lengnick-Hall, and Indu Ramachandran 
Understanding Work and Knowledge Management from a Knowledge-in-Practice Perspective 


Anne-Claire Pache and Filipe Santos 
When Worlds Collide: The Internal Dynamics of Organizational Responses to Conflicting Institutional Demands 


  • David Chandler 


  • Ron Adner 
  • Oliver Alexy 
  • Blake Ashforth 
  • Neal Ashkanasy 
  • Uta Bindl 
  • Russ Coff 
  • David Collings 
  • Felipe Csaszar 
  • Tina Dacin 
  • Gina Dokko 
  • Jesper Edman 
  • Micki Eisenman 
  • Peer Fiss 
  • Michael Fuerstein  
  • Matthew Grimes 
  • Timothy Hannigan 
  • Jean-Francois Hennart 
  • Ha Hoang
  • Gerard Hodgkinson 
  • Rahul Kapoor 
  • Aseem Kaul  
  • Dina Krasikova 
  • David Kryscynski 
  • Thomas Lawrence 
  • Sergio Lazzarini 
  • Michael Leiblein 
  • Jeffrey Loewenstein 
  • Catherine Maritan 
  • Kyle Mayer 
  • Sébastien Mena  
  • Jessica Methot 
  • Thomas Moliterno 
  • Michael Parke 
  • Anne Parmigiani 
  • Francisco Polidoro Junior 
  • Patrick Regnér
  • Martin Ruef 
  • Donald Schepker 
  • Andreas Scherer 
  • Jens Schmidt 
  • Metin Sengul 
  • Brian Silverman 
  • Dana Sumpter 
  • Paul Tracey 
  • Maxim Voronov 
  • Heather Vough 
  • Libby Weber 
  • Chris Welter 
  • April Wright 
  • (Harun) Emre Yildiz 
  • Mike Zundel 


  • Jeffrey Bednar 
  • Flore Bridoux 
  • Johnathan Cromwell 
  • Martin Ganco 
  • Witold Henisz 
  • Aseem Kaul 
  • Mikko Ketokivi 
  • Sven Kunisch 
  • Dana Minbaeva 
  • Elizabeth Ravlin 
  • Juliane Reinecke 
  • Gavin Schwarz 
  • Abbie Shipp 
  • Roy Suddaby

Academy of Management Annals

Annals logo


David W. Lehman, Kieran O’Connor, Balázs Kovács, and George E. Newman

Annals David Lehman

David W. Lehman

Annals Kieran OConnor

Kieran O’Connor

Annals Balazs Kovacs

Balázs Kovács

Annals George Newman

George E. Newman

Best Article Finalists

Sandra E. Cha, Patricia Faison Hewlin, Laura Morgan Roberts, Brooke R. Buckman, Hannes Leroy, Erica L. Steckler, Kathryn Ostermeier, and Danielle Cooper
Being Your True Self at Work: Integrating the Fragmented Research on Authenticity in Organizations

M. Tina Dacin, Peter A. Dacin, and Derin Kent
Tradition in Organizations: A Custodianship Framework


Dovev Lavie, Uriel Stettner, and Michael L. Tushman 
Exploration and Exploitation Within and Across Organizations 

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